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Warnings and Precautions

Suitable for users of power wheelchairs are disabled people with mobility difficulties, patients and the elderly and infirm.

The users who are not suitable for power wheelchairs are the ones with slow response of upper limbs, senile dementia, mental illness, physical disability, visual impairment or medical advice.

Do not operate the power wheelchair without reading the instructions. The total weight of people and things shall not exceed the maximum allowable load.

Do not exceed the maximum allowable slope when driving.

Do not go downhill at maximum speed, otherwise there is danger of losing control.

Do not drive on very smooth ground, otherwise there is a danger of slipping out of control.

Do not drive on very soft ground, or you will be in danger of getting stuck.

Do not turn or drive sideways on the ramp, otherwise there is a risk of overturning.

Do not reverse on the ramp, or you may overturn.

Do not drive on a ramp without a fence.

Do not drive on the motorway.

Do not exceed the maximum allowable barrier height when driving.

Do not tow goods.

Do not use the wheelchair as a motor vehicle seat.

Wheelchairs should be used for the first time in an open area before being on the road.

Wheelchair users should wear seat belts.

Feet and hands should be placed on pedals and armrests during wheelchair use.

Attention should be focused when the wheelchair is in motion.

Wheelchairs should use the crosswalk when crossing the road.

Pay attention to the remaining power when wheelchair driving.

Wheelchairs are not allowed to cross the road when the battery is low.

Wheelchairs should be stored in a ventilated and dry place if they are not used for a long time.

Wheelchairs should not be stored in high temperature or humidity environment.

Wheelchairs will shorten their range if they are often driven on slopes and rough surfaces.