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The Technology To Support Your Powered Wheelchair

The use of powered wheelchair

With the rise in the usage of electrical power wheelchairs, there are selections of electric wheelchair makers listed in online shops. The electrical power wheelchairs can be found with many functions such as chin controller, hand controller etc. Several of the wheelchairs include special features such as leg elevation, tilting capabilities and elevation of seats. Supplied with various features and types, the electronic wheelchair is among the most effective tools that is viewed as a plus to humanity.

With the progression of science and technology, wheelchairs have gone through an amazing change. Hand-operated wheelchairs have become outdated with the creation of electric powered wheelchair. Many people have integrated the usage of these types of electric power chairs as it is also known, into their lives. Individuals with restricted range of motion or those recuperating from any health problem find it simpler to make use of these types of power chairs you can get with many amazing functions.

There has been tremendous advancement in wheelchair design due to the many technological and innovative developments.

The latest trends in Wheelchairs include automated Wheelchairs that come equipped with guide sensors, processing circuits that are nonlinear, pulse steering drive and a number of other controls to make the wheelchair ride as smooth as possible.

powered wheelchair

Easy to operate

These Wheelchairs are made to be used outside or inside. They are very convenient for the user and are easy to operate with the push-button switches. Even though the equipment on modern Wheelchairs are very sophisticated, they are very easy for the user to operate.

Usually made to operate on a flat contact surface area, automatic wheelchair is made of an operator-chair for the individual, 2 wheels for moving, computerized controls and an input unit for user to provide instructions which are then relayed to the computer system.

Wheelchair usage is increasing every year

These chairs also have an array of resizable spokes which are integrated in the primary wheels, number of sensing units connected to the spokes that transmit alerts to the computer system.

A number of electric motors with sensors to react to the alerts for input and output indicators to and from the computer system and all round synchronizing adjustments to interact with the commanding core of the controller.

Over 2 million American use a wheelchair and the demand is expected to increase dramatically. These numbers have inspired the wheelchair industry to develop more sophisticated automation.

Many to choose from

Even with these advancement in technologies for modern wheelchairs, there are still areas that are lacking in terms of the user needs and expectations.

There is a never-ending demand for more and better options and increased maneuverability. There are now quite a few models available that can navigate various kinds of stairs and steps from the regular to the spiral designs. They can even easily go over different kinds of terrain. There are even models that help the user to stand up so they can reach items on higher shelves.

The condition of the user matters greatly

Then there are the automated Wheelchairs that are made for the outdoors and they are user friendly and robust. Of course the condition of the specific user has to be taken into account when developing and up grading a wheelchair.

With automated wheelchairs, the braking system has incorporated infrared sensors that will stop the chair instantly to prevent a collision. With improved functionality, a greater importance is also given to safety. You don’t want to be addressing an emergency when the chair is traveling at it 8 km/h top speed.

powered wheelchair

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