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Freedom Chair can really help you to regain freedom,
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My wife, daughter and myself thank you profusely for providing us with such a good product and service.
Moreover, proud to be associates with and indeed obliged and grateful to a sober, patient and kind hearted human being......her name is Ms.Hannah hong.
We pray for your well being and prosperity.
Warm regards from all of us.
Your One-Off customer!!
Bindiya Kishor Farswani.
Roma kishor Farswani.
Kishor H.Farswani.


The Robert Loft Story

I’ve been an MS sufferer for many years and have pretty much lost all mobility on my left side.  This has been severely restrictive.  I already have a large power chair and I’ve been using this chair for both inside the house and for outdoor trips which has certainly made my life more bearable. 

However, because of its size and weight, loading this chair into our small SUV by joining three pieces of aluminium to make a ramp is time consuming and a little difficult for my wife Sharon.  Of more importance was the issue that once we arrived at our destination we needed to find parking where we had the space to install the ramps, lower the chair to the ground and do this without impacting on those around us.  When the chair is in the SUV there’s only room for the two of us and this is also restrictive.  The alternative was to take taxis but this was an expensive option.

I then discovered the Freedom Chair.  Paul from Montec Mobility Ltd sourced the chair, trained me how to use it and has supplied other helpful extras.

I’m now FREE.  

Sharon and I can go out together with ease as it only takes a few seconds for her to load the Freedom Chair into the car. In fact, we can load it into almost any vehicle.  Parking is unrestricted as there is no need for a ramp.  I can go to the Zoo, the movies, the waterfront and cafes. I can almost go anywhere.  We can enjoy visits to family and friends without them having to come to us.  I can also get picked up by friends and with very little support from them we can have an enjoyable day together. 

In late July Sharon and I are going overseas to see the kids and we’re all booked to fly including the Freedom Chair.  

Hello, my father, my family and I are very happy for the wheelchair, we thank you all, the accompaniment throughout the purchase process, as my father appears in the photograph, that is the best reward.

Now if we are more enthusiastic in arriving at concrete more purchases of chairs to commercialize here in Colombia.Thank you very much.

Name: Eduard Alexis Ortega Ballesteros
Country: Colombia

In July last year, I bought a Freedomchair from Aoshida. It's very cost-effective, this item is a workhorse for it's size! Will handle even going across heavy grass, cobblestone streets and packed gravel roads. It's easy to fold and unfold, charges easily and the batteries last at least as long as they say - 6+ miles or more. Build quality is some of the highest I've seen in a wheel chair.
Today I had a chance to visit Aoshida company. To express my gratitude, I personally wrote a calligraphy and painting to Freedomchair. I hope Aoshida's business is getting better and better.


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