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Freedomchair Brings Invention to Life

Freedomchair, builds a upmarket brand of electric wheelchair.

The vision of the start of Freedomchair is “green” move. Committed to the convenience of travel and the health of living for the elderly and the disabled, we believe that a truly green product should not only be easy-to-use, but also be well-made, bringing pleasant experience and long service life to users.

To achieve this vision, Freedomchair has embarked on a journey of innovation, constantly striving to create the best folding electric wheelchair. 
Freedomchair, with more than 30 patents, certificates, as well as 10 years of delicated innovative technologies, has become a leading brand in folding electric wheelchair industry. 

We believe that folding electric wheelchairs are able and supposed to provide more superior performances than 
traditional wheelchairs for the elderly and the disabled. Considering these performances and in order to meet the demands of different user groups, Freedomchair has managed to research and develop four series of eletric wheelchairs: A series, T series, DE series, and Heavy duty series, which has been well-received by our customers. Our products have been sold all over the world, and we have had over 20 agents in Europe and America.

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The carefulness and monitoring of quality decide our position in the industry.

Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Frame

There are many kinds of materials of aluminum alloy, and 6063 aluminum alloy is used by most manufacturers of electric wheelchair. Instead, Freedomchair employs 6061 aluminum alloy which is the high-quality product based on heat treatment and pre-stretching process. Its attributes of processing, welding, electroplating, corrosion resistance, and toughness are all excellent. 
In addition, the metal materials employed in the wheelchairs made by Freedomchair, except for screws, are all 6061 aluminum alloy, including pedals.


Freedomchair has made great efforts for six years and finally researched and develop an motor “iMooto” to resolve many problems existing in electric wheelchairs sold in the market today. We registered the trademark in Germany. Brushless motor iMooto “triggers” your travel.

Advantages of brushless motor iMooto

1. Lower heat loss and long service life.
2. High-efficiency and strong torque. It does not have the losses of excitation and carbon brush, and eliminates the loss of multi-level deceleration. The general energy-saving rate reaches from 20% to 60%.

3. Small and light, high output.
4. Less noise and smooth running.
5. High reliability and stability, well-adapted, and easy maintenance.

Brushless Controller

Freedomchair adopts brushless controller that makes the wheelchair move forward and backward, as well as turn by independently controlling the positive inversion and speeds of two brushless motors. Also, the brushless controller is equipped with the function of Bluetooth remote operation.

Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion battery used by Freedomchair is on a par with that used by Tesla Motors, with the following characteristics:

1. Pollution-free
Lithium battery is environmentally-friendly, not containing such harmful metals as cadmium, lead, and mercury.

2. Lithium-free
Lithium-ion battery is not subject to restrictions on the regulations on airliners about the prohibition of carrying lithium-ion batteries as it does not contain lithium metal.

3. High cycle life
Under normal conditions, lithium-ion battery can charge and discharge more than 500 times, and lithium-ion ferrous phosphate battery can reach 2000 times.

4. Fast charging
Lithium-ion battery can be fully charged within 2 hours with a constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) charger whose rated voltage is 4.2V, while the newly developed can be fully charged within 35 minutes. 

Both electromagnetic brakes and 
bearings are imported.


Aoshida has been committed to improving life quality by designing, manufacturing and marketing the world-class lightweight and foldable electric wheelchair and elderly scooter in order to supplying the excellent electric wheelchairs and service all the time for the elderly and the disabled. Our power wheelchairs as mobility aids to handicapped persons and the elderly help that they can in harmony with society.

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