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We hereby confirmed that we will provide the warranty for each freedomchair, and we will handle any issue on the wheelchair under
the warranty period, based on the correct use.

Lithium Battery and Battery Charger

1 Year warranty from the date of purchase(battery capacity less than 80% renewed in six months, one year


2 year warranty from the date of purchase

Other unlabeled consumables such as pedal / tires

3 month warranty from the date of purchase

Quality Assurance Listing

Frame2 YearsNon-deliberate damageBattery1 YearsNon-deliberate damage
Motor2 YearsNon-deliberate damageJoystick1 YearsNon-deliberate damage
CPU1 YearsNon-deliberate damageWearing Parts3MonthsNon-deliberate damage
Warranty claim

Please contact your local authorized dealer and schedule an appointment for service. 
( Please take care of your original receipt or proof of purchase. )

Click to find local dealer contact information

Please fill out the form blow to contact Freedomchair Service Center directly with any questions or concerns regarding your warranty.