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Some Wheelchair Accessories You Can Source From An Electric Wheelchair Supplier

For many people, living their whole life on an electric wheelchair can be really boring and tiring. However, for such special people, spending their whole day on a cushion or a wheelchair doesn’t mean a dead end.

In fact, you can still be on a wheelchair and make the most out of your precious life. for this reason, all you need is a are some important wheelchair accessories you can source from a professional electric wheelchair supplier in order to add more spice and fun to your daily life.

Below are some important wheelchair accessories you should consider adding to your electric wheelchair or scooter.

1. Accu-Grips

This is an extra-large bright yellow hand-held brake tips. With the accu-grips you can easily locate your break for immediate stop, especially when you find yourself in a tight corner on your electric wheelchair.

This electric wheelchair accessory is very important for people with challenges that prevents them from quickly accessing the wheel lock handles of their electric wheelchair.


2. Light-Up Casters

If you need an additional fun and some sparkling light on your electric wheelchair casters on every turn of your wheel, the light-up casters are the perfect accessory you need.

Besides just serving as a way of making your electric wheelchair more fun to use, it also helps to boost the visibility of your electric wheelchair especially in dark corners.

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3. Tow-Mo

Do you need to carry more stuff during shopping in a mall? If yes, then the Tow-Mo will be a perfect ad-on you should consider.

The Tow-Mo trailer is very simple to use. All you need to do is attach it to the cross bar located around the backrest of your electric wheelchair, and it can stay in the position for whatever amount of load you may be adding into it.

To detach the Tow-Mo from your electric wheelchair is a breeze. Simply undo the Velcro and fold the trailer into your vehicle, and that’s it.


4. Grade Aids

With the grade aids, you can firmly secure the wheel locks of your electric wheelchair and so preventing them from rolling backwards, especially in sloppy environment.

This accessory is most useful if your home or your path is one that has lots of sloppy terrains or while climbing ramps.


5. CARE-E On

Do you need to have your caregivers, friends and family members around you with your electric wheelchair? If yes, then CARE-E On is one accessory you need to carry them along everywhere you go.

This accessory is designed to be very strong and sturdy, and it can carry up to about 300lbs of weight, which has no effect on the performance of your electric wheelchair. Sure, you can say that this is really a brainy accessory designed by talented electric wheelchair suppliers.


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