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Freedomchair DE Series            Detachable            Electric Wheelchair 

All electric wheelchair can be easily folded, powerful brush-less motors used in this fast powered wheelchair can run continuously for long periods and require no maintenance.

Freedomchair DE08
Freedomchair A08C
  • Maximum weight capacity: 352lbs/160kg

  • Ground clearance: 1.65”/4.2cm

  • Turning radius : 33.27”/84.5cm

  • Overall length: 40.35”/102.5cm

  • Overall width: 23.46”/59.6cm

  • Overall height: 37.8”/96cm

  • Seat dimensions : 18”X17”/45cmX43cm

Freedomchair DE08L
Freedomchair A08CL
  • Maximum weight capacity: 352lbs/160kg

  • Turning radius : 33.54”/85.2cm

  • Overall length: 43.31”/110cm

  • Overall width: 23.86”/60.6cm

  • Overall height: 38.58”/98cm

  • Seat dimensions : 18”X17”/45cmX43cm

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Technical Specifications for DE Series Detachable Electric Wheelchair

Model Number    A08CA08CL
Maximum weight    352lbs/160kg
Maximum speed    Up to 4.06kmph/6.5kmph
Ground clearance      1.65”/4.2cm2.36”/6.0cm
Turning radius      33.27”/84.5cm35.43”/89.3cm
Overall length     40.35”/102.5cm43.31”/110cm
Overall width      23.46”/59.6cm23.86”/60.6cm
Overall height     37.8”/96cm38.58”/98cm
Folding length      23.46”/59.6cm23.86”/60.6cm
Folding width      13.58”/34.5cm14.37”/36.5cm
Folding height      27.17/69cm29.76”/75.6cm
Drive wheels      10” Rubber tire 12” Rubber tire 
Front wheels      8” PU tire
Suspension      Spring absorber
Drive train      Two-motor, rear-wheel drive
Braking system      Intelligent braking (electronic, regenerative disc brakes)
          Standard electronics      40 amp, brushless motor controller
Battery charger      Off-board, 2 amp
Per charge range      Up to 9.37 miles/15km
Battery size     24V 10Ah
Battery weight      3.55lbs/1.6kg
Base weight      58.96 lbs/26.8kg61.6lbs/28kg
Seat dimensions     18”X17”/45cmX43cm

*Total weight inclouding one battery
*Attendant control requires holder sold as an accessory
*Error and uncertainty in measurement

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DE Series Electric Wheelchair

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