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Freedomchair A06L
Freedomchair A06L
Freedomchair A06L

Freedomchair A06L

his kind of Freedom Chair is the most classic model, can be easily folded effortlessly into compact size in just 1 second to fit into your trunk, closet, SUV or just about anywhere. powerful brush-less motors used in this fast powered wheelchair can run continuously for long periods and require no maintenance. No matter you are elderly,disabled or just need medicare for some time,


Product features

Brushless DC motor is adopted, which has the advantages of low noise, high torque, energy saving, high efficiency, maintenance free and long service life;

Lithium battery new energy is adopted, which has the advantages of high energy density, long service life and environmental protection;

The brushless special intelligent controller is adopted, which has the advantages of easy and free operation and accurate positioning;

It adopts foldable multi link frame structure (patented by the company), which has the advantages of fast folding, safety and reliability, simple operation, small and portable;

This product is mainly composed of frame, wheel, seat, armrest, battery, motor and controller. It is powered by lithium battery. The motion speed and direction of wheelchair are controlled by rocker controller and left and right brushless motors.

Product specification

Specification Parameter Name Parameter value remarks
Operating Voltage Range 23~30V 24V battery power supply, beyond the voltage range, the vehicle cannot drive
ShutDown Current Less Than 2mA Power off, remote reception on
Starting Current Less than 120mA power on
Motor drive current 20A Each motor
Electromagnetic brake drive current Max. 1A The actual current is determined by the electromagnetic brake
Push rod motor output current 5A (same as battery voltage)  
Remote control frequency 433.92MHz  
Remote control voltage 433.92MHz  
Remote control distance 433.92MHz  
Operating temperature range 433.92MHz  
Operating humidity range 433.92MHz  
Working pressure range 433.92MHz  
Waterproof grade 433.92MHz  
Motor PWM drive frequency 433.92MHz  

Let’s learn about the distinguished features of this secure and lightest power wheelchair:

Wheelchair Accessories

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

7.5ah battery

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