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Potential Merits Of A Non-Proportional Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

It is necessary to comprehend drive controls and how they work. We have two types of overpowering drive controls: proportional and non-proportional.

There is a distinction between the two, and they both work in different ways.

A basic way of operation is provided by the non-proportional drive controls. The most basic control is for cognition and motor function.

Individual needs must be taken into account when developing any equipment, and non-proportional drive controls are meant to be simple to operate.

A non-proportional drive control allows a client to move around in a motorized wheelchair without any assistance.


What advantages  does a non-proportional drive control have?

· On/Off switch

When pressed, a non-proportional driving control is fully active, and when released, it is deactivated.

· Speed is set in advance.

This incredible non-proportional drive control maintains the speed set. The wheelchair's programmed speed will never alter, regardless of how much pressure is applied to it.

· There is less synchronization.

A non proportional drive control, unlike a proportional control mechanism, requires less cooperation. It also necessitates less motor control in order to activate. Controlling the speed of this gadget control does not necessitate precision in movement.

· Flexibility

With a non-proportional drive control, a person learning to use a wheelchair for the first time can learn quickly. It is simple to instruct newcomers and assist them in internalizing the basic skills required to utilize a wheelchair.

The concept of cause and effect is one of the most significant concepts that must be addressed. A user of a heavy duty electric wheelchair will learn how to start and stop the wheelchair using a non-proportional switch.

· Operation is simple.

With a non-proportional switch, learning to use directions is much easier. Each switch can be programmed to do whatever you want, such as driving the chair in one direction while keeping the pace constant. As a user becomes more familiar with the style of operation, they can learn how each switch works.

 Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

What is the best way to operate non-proportional drive control?

It has a switch similar to a vacuum cleaner. Anyone who uses it only needs to be able to move a body component in two directions. This will be useful for turning on the switch and moving about.

If a client can move more than one part of their body in two directions, they can use this gadget without a motor control. This non-proportional device is controlled by a number of switches that allow it to travel in different directions. It is easier to drive successfully in all directions if the controls are close to the body components.

The employment of switches in non-proportional control is without a doubt widely acknowledged, and it is the most prevalent of all types of drive control. Although technology has made it more sophisticated, switches have a good reputation in the past since they were the only options for drive control.


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