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Why Are Power Wheelchairs So Expensive?

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You will absolutely find a wide range and varieties of wheelchairs in different stores outlet and online stores today. With the latest forms and designs being built to power and transport the user on its own. The user only needs to control and maneuver these wheelchairs with a joystick control attached to it. 


Amidst these varieties, and sophisticated technology in wheelchairs today, one fact still remains about these wheelchairs, some are better and highly valued than others.


In case you belong to the class of customers who wonder what makes the electric wheelchairs top-of-the-line based on their current prices. Well, let us entertain and dispel your curiosity with facts that make them worth their prices.


Product Testing and FDA Approval 

This is one costly and lengthy manufacturer’s expense. Conventional wheelchairs must pass through various testing such as loading test chairs to maximum weight capacity and rolling 200,000 cycles on round drums with half-inch metal curbing built into the chairs. In addition, the chairs are dropped from a height of about 6 inches 6,666 times. In a similar way, the power wheelchairs must pass through these tests and additional tests such as speed, braking, stability, obstacle-climbing and numerous electrical system trials like battery and controller tests. Test results and design documentation are then submitted to the FDA for review, by so doing a power wheelchair can’t be marketed until it gets FDA approval.


Long Lasting Battery Capacity

You’ll agree that limited battery life can limit your mobility to a great extent. Despite the long hours spent in charging the lithium battery in wheelchairs, in some cases 8-10 hours. Of course, you have to plan and schedule your movement adequately. Power wheelchairs have the ability to go an average distance of about 14-16 miles while the best models have been confirmed to go about 19-20 miles on a single lithium battery charge.


electric power wheelchair

Sophisticated Technology

The motor in the electric wheelchair is usually controlled by a joystick or sometimes by a chin, sack or hand controller. This joystick is used for virtually every control the power wheelchair requires. This technological input can also be used to tilt the wheelchair as well as for leg and seat elevation. Users can customize the controllers to suit their needs, such as seat size and backrest angle. This gives great comfort that worth the price.


One Size Fits All with Ease of Transport and Folding 

Your weight isn’t a problem. Most power wheelchairs are designed to handle the task of a heavyweight for people of all sizes. Power wheelchairs are designed to accommodate heavier frames, they are able to carry adults weighing about 330 pounds or more. One thing that is peculiar about most of these power wheelchairs is that they come with complete flexibility and easy to carry from place to place or fold-up for storage. To encourage a bit of independence, most of the foldable power wheelchairs are designed to be folded and unfolded easily by the person using the chair- no need for a caregiver.

High Speed and Power 

Power wheelchairs are built with a long distance power engine that can move at a maximum speed of 5mph using mid-wheel drive. They also have high power to climb steep hills and surfaces with ease. Such long-distance power wheels are equipped with strong batteries that can cover about 17miles per complete charge. Such an excellent combination of performance and speed ensures the driver will be able to make it to their destination swiftly.


With the various technicality and other designs inherent in the power wheelchairs, it is evident that they can’t cost less than what each brand and product is built and stuffed with.


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