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What Kind of Electric Wheelchair Suitable for Elderly to Travel Alone

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The electric wheelchair for the elderly or those with reduced mobility have become an ideal solution to improve the autonomy and independence of many users, thanks to the fact that their driving is very simple and intuitive.


When choosing the right electric wheelchair model, you must take into account several aspects, since the market currently offers multiple electric wheelchairs to adapt to the individual needs of each user.

You must assess where you usually use the wheelchair, either in an urban area or field, outside or wander through corridors or interiors. In the market there are a variety of models that allow you to go outside with good performance, but if your most use is outside you can choose more suitable models for that purpose, with more features: autonomy, dimensions, wheels and more. It is not the same for a user who lives in the city and must circulate with the electric wheelchair on sidewalks and customers who use it in towns where they travel on roads and roads.

• Distance to travel with your electric wheelchair for the elderly

-Depending on the model you intend to choose, it will incorporate batteries and others, and this will determine the range and distance to travel. Therefore, you must more or less establish the range of average distance that you are going to travel to determine a model that fits. The distance the elderly will travel will also be determined by the weight of the user and the holography of the terrain. The smaller electric wheelchair offer an average distance of about 12 km and the larger ones can offer distances of 50-75 km. In small electric wheelchair when you want to have more autonomy and cannot opt for larger sizes for reasons of space you can choose to buy a box of additional batteries to change when the first are exhausted, and thus double the distance traveled day.

• Weight and height of the user of the electric scooter for the elderly

- The weight and height of the elderly person of is important so that he has a correct driving position, and a better experience when driving. The smaller electric wheelchairs usually support a user weight of 115 kg, and the largest up to 180/200 kg. If a user with 130 kg buys an electric wheelchair for a maximum weight of 115 kg, it will damage the engine, and may suffer an accident when the electric brake does not act correctly, which is the way to stop this type of vehicle.

In summary, you must determine what is the use you want to give to your electric wheelchair, measure the areas where you want it to pass (elevator, doors) or where you want to store it (trunk, storage room, ...), and the distance you usually want to travel. The professionals in electric wheelchairs for reduced mobility will give you a wide range of options and prices to adapt to your needs.


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