What Is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Electric Wheelchairs?

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The brand of electric wheelchairs is dazzling and the quality is also mixed, so electric wheelchairs price is also various. So, what is the difference between cheap and expensive electric wheelchairs?

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1.The price of electric wheelchair depends on the configuration

Electric wheelchair structure and essential core components: motor, controller, battery, electromagnetic brake clutch, frame back pad material.

Understand the structure and core components of the electric wheelchair. Everyone should basically understand the difference between the cheap and expensive electric wheelchair. Then, in order to cater to consumers' feelings that consumers are more acceptable to cheaper products, they will simply match each component, and each component will be upgraded to a lower grade. The cost of the whole vehicle will be much lower.

As long as the electromagnetic brake is matched with the matching motor, the price of electric wheelchair will be reduced. Therefore, the reduction of the electromagnetic brake is a two-pronged thing, the price has come down to consumers like, but consumers do not know the hidden dangers caused by the drop is awkward. The safety of an electric wheelchair is basically entirely dependent on the electromagnetic brake. In other words, the reduction is in exchange for the safety of the consumer.

2. Different humanized design:

In addition to the different configurations of electric wheelchairs, the humanized functional design is also very different. Usually the large-capacity electric wheelchairs are more user-friendly and more user-friendly. For example, many brands are doing portable folding electric wheelchairs, but many portable folding electric wheelchairs have complicated folding operations, irregular folding sizes, and heavy weight, which is a serious violation of consumer appeal and design intention. Therefore, when purchasing an electric wheelchair, it is necessary to consider not only the price problem, but also whether the design of the wheelchair is scientific and reasonable from the perspective of the user. Whether each functional design can bring convenience to the user or solve a certain problem. Otherwise, more functions are just gimmicks!

3. Different brand values

Electric wheelchairs have a brand value that cannot be ignored. The large brand of electric wheelchair manufacturers have a professional R & D team, the design and configuration are very particular, so the price is naturally different; in addition, the big brand electric wheelchair manufacturers after-sales service system is perfect.



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