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What Are the Precautions for the Elderly to Use Electric Wheelchairs?

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The electric wheelchair is an important tool for the elderly to travel. However, since most elderly people are using electric wheelchairs for the first time, their operation and using methods are not very well. As a Chinese folding electric wheelchair supplier, Kunshan Aoshida is going to explain the precautions for the use of elderly electric wheelchairs as follows:


1. We should choose the suitable electric wheelchair according to the physical condition of the elderly. Electric wheelchairs wholesale varies in size and function, so be sure to choose according to the user's specific situation. It is best to allow the elderly to personally experience electric wheelchairs with different styles of test drives.

power wheelchair for elderly

2. Many people step on or off the wheelchair when they use it. This is extremely dangerous, and can easily lead to the wheelchair or electric wheelchair tipping forward and causing injuries. The electric power must be cut off before getting on or off Hanging clothes on an electric wheelchair control lever caused the wheelchair to move and knocked the elderly down.


3. Relatives and wheelchair sellers should often provide safety education to the elderly using electric wheelchairs. The elderly must follow the traffic rules when traveling in an electric wheelchair. Do not run red lights, do not go retrograde, do not take the fast lane. It is best to bring mobile phones, drinking water, family contact cards for emergency needs;


4. When the elderly drives the electric wheelchair alone and encounters ramps or steps, it’s better to politely ask others for help. Do not operate blindly, which can avoid overturning or hurting the body.


5. When riding in an electric wheelchair, stay away from dangerous places such as lakes and rivers. When you rest, please choose a flat and spacious place, stop the wheelchair or turn off the power switch.


The above is a summary of the precautions for the use of wheelchairs for the elderly by Chinese power wheelchair manufacturer - Aoshida. We hope that the elderly friends will follow the standard operation when using electric wheelchairs, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble for your travel.


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