What Are the Characteristics of Lightweight Folding Brushless Motor Electric Wheelchair?

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The electric wheelchair is a wheelchair with an engine and an energy battery that allows the user to move around without the help of a companion.

Today, the electric chair market has grown so wide. This type of chair is now available to patients who are having difficulty operating a manual wheelchair and those who want to be more convenient. This is because it provides more comfort, and it helps patients become more independent, they can control themselves by simply manipulating.

Electric wheelchairs are primarily designed for those who cannot operate manual chairs. But now many people who can use manual wheelchairs also choose motor propulsion.

In this post, we will have our focus on the basic features of the light folding brushless motor electric wheelchair.

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Freedomchair Wheelchair Series


The electric wheelchairs can be folded by the fixed chassis.

Foldable electric wheelchairs are very similar to manual wheelchairs. The difference lies in two things. First, you need to disassemble the batteries to be able to perform the folding. The second is that even if the batteries are removed, the weight of the chair is high to be able to charge it comfortably in a car. Basically, the foldable electric wheelchairs can all be folded in one simple operation.

The electric wheelchairs can be simple or have multiple functions.

Normal wheelchairs are chairs that are simply driven through an electric motor. However, in foldable wheelchairs, you can have many functions. Among these multiple functions include:

Climb curbs: it is a mechanism that allows us to climb small curbs while the person is in the chair.

Reclining backrest: It can be both manual rationing, which requires another person to do it, or electric drive. In this way the user can recline or vascular the chair at the time he wants.

Other actions include command in the back, or double command so that both the user and the companion can carry the chair.

In some special cases you can put the command to the chin. This is especially necessary in cases of very severe tetraplegia that only allow use with the head.

However, there are different models of the power wheelchairs. While some have additional features others are just an upgrade of the existing versions. For example, the plus versions of the power wheelchairs with height variations to accommodate the taller users. There are those that have been designed in such a way that they work perfectly indoors and outdoors.

For these upgrades, features such as rare wheels are inflated, which makes the motor more powerful on snowy, uneven surfaces or natural terrain. There are also designed with powerful brushless motors and high-tech batteries that can be used for long periods of time. Again, you can rely on a lightweight and sturdy frame for easy adjustment.


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