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What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair?

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Let's start with types of electric wheelchair,electric wheelchair and power-chair,essentially, they are the same thing. They're all chairs powered by a battery.


But, and this is important, some chairs are multipurpose, and others are designed for specific uses.


In other words, you should buy an electric wheelchair based on what you need it to do, rather than the look of it or its price.

 folding electric wheelchair

Folding Electric Wheelchairs ,These chairs are lighter, easier to transport, and often cheaper to buy.


You want the freedom an electric wheelchair can give you. You want a chair that'll fold down to fit in your car boot, and you want a chair you can afford.


Don't think you're limited for choice when it comes to buying a folding electric wheelchair.


There are plenty of options and designs in the folding electric wheelchair range. You can configure these chairs so that they're suitable for their intended use.


Electric wheelchairs and powerchairs have one or more rechargeable batteries. The batteries power a motor or motors, which make the wheels move. You use a ball or joystick to operate the wheelchair. Joystick can be mounted for left or right-hand use. Anti-tip is for safety traveling uphill. Armrests can be lift up for convenient access. Electromagnetic brakes engage automatically when joystick is taken off.


From a user's point of view, that's pretty much all we need to know.


Of course, if you are that way inclined and need to know technical details, our technical team will offer you specific help.

 folding electric wheelchair

The Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair


Okay, now that we have an understanding of the options available and how electric wheelchairs work. It's time to consider the important part.


What are the Benefits of Buying an Electric Wheelchair or Powerchair?


Independence – For some elderly people, buying and using an electric wheelchair is all about independence.


Freedom – A huge benefit of using an electric wheelchair is the freedom it gives you.


Within reason, nowhere is out of bounds because the wheelchair takes the strain.


Mobility – When we think about mobility, we think about the physical act of walking.

 folding electric wheelchair

Of course, if you own an electric wheelchair, walking is less of a worry.


But, there's another advantage, and it has to do with the toll walking takes on your body.


As we grow old, our muscles, joints, and breathing all suffer when we walk. This means, even after a short walk, we're no good for the rest of the day and usually the day after.


Using a wheelchair means I can preserve what little mobility I have left for other activities.


Comfort – If you buy the right electric wheelchair, there is no reason why you can't travel in comfort.


Good quality wheelchairs are designed for comfort and include suspension, choice of wheels, changeable cushions, and adjustable footrest positions. If you're interested in any of our electirc wheelchairs, please contact us.


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