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What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair for the Elderly?

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With the aging of the population structure, the demand for electric wheelchairs is increasing for the elderly, and especially the lightweight folding electric wheelchairs are favored by the elderly. What are the benefits of lightweight folding for electric wheelchairs for the elderly?


electric wheelchairs for the elderly

There are the following aspects:


1.Light weight

Lightweight motor wheelchairs generally use lithium batteries and aviation titanium aluminum alloy frames. The weight of the entire vehicle is generally about 20-25 kg, which is about 40 kg lighter than traditional electric wheelchairs.


2.Easy to fold and carry

It can be carried in outbound travel consignment, which greatly expands the range of action of the elderly with reduced mobility and can travel.

Lightweight folding electric wheelchair

3. Suitable for mobility and exercise

Lightweight folding electric wheelchairs for the elderly can usually be switched between electric and hand pushing. The elderly can use the electric wheelchair to help carry out auxiliary exercises. If they are tired, they can sit and rest and drive by themselves. An electric wheelchair for the elderly realizes dual-use exercise, greatly reducing the risk of accidental falls and injuries caused by inconvenience to the elderly;


4. Reduce household expenses

Imagine that it is also a costly expense for an elderly man with a disability to hire a person to care for the elderly. After the elderly have their own lightweight folding electric wheelchair, the elderly can travel freely, saving family expenses for hiring others;


5. Good for the physical and mental health of the elderly

Elderly people with reduced mobility can possess a lightweight folding electric wheelchair of their own. They can travel freely, see what's new outside and communicate more with people can greatly reduce the incidence of dementia, which will greatly help the physical and mental health of the elderly.


In short, buying a lightweight folding electric wheelchair for the elderly is good for the elderly, and even helpful to the harmony of the entire family. Old people who have been at home for a long time are often grumpy and eccentric, leading to serious family conflict However, with a lightweight folding electric wheelchair that belongs to the elderly, the elderly can freely travel and integrate into the circle of elderly friends, and communicate more with others. Their mood will be better and temperament will change, thereby reducing family conflicts.


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