Traveling with The Electric Wheelchair

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Each electric wheelchair has specific characteristics that allow it to meet the individual needs of each and ensure optimal posture for all: the width of the seat, the seat depth, the height of the backrest, the size of the armrests, the front / back seat height, width, height, length, width of the folded chair, chair weight, backrest angle, and leg length.

Optimal posture promotes good organ function and muscle efficiency, reducing fatigue. It is even more important for people in wheelchairs. In a seated position, the natural curves of the back and neck must be maintained, shoulders, pelvis and knees aligned, muscles balanced, ready to flex and relax.

Poor posture creates more stress on the spine, neck, hips and knees and structural problems can result: joint pain, reduced flexibility, asymmetrical muscle stiffness, deformity.


Whether for a weekend abroad, visiting family or a beach holiday, learning about electric wheelchair flight conditions can make your trip much smoother and easier, and here are our best tips:


All companies offer seats for people with reduced mobility. Although the services and the number of seats offered and the conditions of transport are often specific to the airline and the type of aircraft, always check the websites of the airlines before making your reservation to make sure that they respond well to your needs. So, check the airline's website before making your reservation to make sure they can meet your wheelchair needs.


If you are traveling with your electric wheelchair, make your reservation well in advance and call the airline directly to explain all your needs regarding:

  • Boarding

  • Security

  • Personal assistance at the airport

  • Check in

  • Additional services and their associated costs

Assistance service at the departure airport

If you plan to travel in a electric wheelchair, you must notify the airport 48 hours before boarding. If you have already contacted the airline to warn them, usually they will notify the airport directly.


The helpline is located inside the airport, where the staff will accompany and assist the passenger every step of the way, from check-in, through the security procedure, to your seat on the airport. Plane. If a member of your family accompanies you and assists you instead, you will need to notify the airport because people without a boarding pass cannot get to the plane.


Finally, the safety procedures for wheelchair passengers are generally the same as for any other passenger, although sometimes your wheelchair will undergo a special security check. If you use crutches, once you have passed the security check, you can bring them with you on the plane without any problem.


How and when do I check in my wheelchair?

If you plan to travel with your electric wheelchair, you can use it to get around the airport until check-in. From there, the airline will provide you with another one. When you arrive at your destination, the airport team will accompany you to the luggage area, where you can pick up your wheelchair.


Whether your wheelchair can board or not depends on certain factors. Each airline has its own conditions, weight and size limits for boarding wheelchairs on board, with some airlines requiring to see the instruction manual.


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