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Tips to Choose Right Electric Wheelchair

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The market is loaded with a variety of wheelchair products, but the most commonly recommended one is an electric wheelchair. But manufacturers have now launched several designs in this category as well; so, buyers often get confused for making the best selection. If you are also facing the same trouble, it is good to go through the tips below to pick the best wheelchair for your loved ones.

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Check weight carrying capacity:

The electric wheelchairs are usually designed with some weight limitations. The basic chairs are capable enough to carry around 300 pounds, but if you look for the higher model, it is even possible to find something that can accommodate the great weight. Few electric chairs are even able to handle up to 450 or 500 pounds.

Know what dimensions suit your needs:

Chair dimensions are one of the most important factors because it helps to determine whether it will accommodate the body of a healthy person with full comfort or not. Moreover, the size range determination is also important for moving it safely through lifts, hallways, doors and in rooms at narrow homes.

Battery life matters a lot:

When you are planning to buy an electric wheelchair, it is important to check its battery life. One needs to look for a chair that can stay active for a long time or can cover more distance; at least somewhere between 10 to 25 miles before demanding next charging. In order to make the right decision for this factor, understand that battery life is also affected by many other factors like user weight, the age of the batteries and type of the surface where you are going to use this wheelchair.


Speed is another important factor:

Of course, it is important to make an analysis of the speed of the electric wheelchair. At least it must support your movability needs; especially for long distance movements. Note that the power distributed from rear wheels help in maintaining a speed of the wheelchair.

Ensure higher turning radius:

Professionals recommend investing in a wheelchair that offers higher turning radius; it is even better to target 360 degrees. There is a wide range of specifications that are responsible for deciding turning radius for the wheelchair; the list includes frame length, size of the seat and footrest type and angle as well. The mid, as well as front wheel drive chairs, are able to maintain a turning radius somewhere between 20 to 30 inches; whereas the rear wheelchairs reach up to 40 inches.



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