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Tips for Choosing the Electric Wheelchair

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Today electric wheelchairs seen more often than before. No doubt, they are suitable for people who want to lead an independent life but who, due to disability or age, do not have the necessary physical condition to drive a manual wheelchair. Many older people with reduced mobility have chosen to get one for a walk.

Power wheelchair manufacturers

Hence, moving effortlessly and safely are two compelling reasons to get a power wheelchair. We don't lose a bit of our freedom and we can go where we want. 

A few years ago, the market for electric wheelchairs did not offer as many possibilities as it does today. Today, the variety of models and prices make it necessary for us to stop to think.

What should be considered when choosing the best electric wheelchair? We will go step by step to provide you with in depth the points to keep in mind when buying a motorized chair. Don't miss a thing!

Where are you going to use the electric chair?

Outdoor electronic chair

If you can't sit still for a second and want to take long walks or simply need to move around the city on a daily basis, the best option in your case is an outdoor chair. What characteristics do these chairs have?

• They have more autonomy. With the batteries of this motorized chair you can cover 35 km or even more.

• They are bigger and more robust, designed to last and cover many kilometers.

• They are faster.

Indoor electric chair

These are the characteristics of an indoor electric wheelchair:

• They are narrower electric chairs and not so long to go through elevators and doors.

• Lighter and more compact.

• They usually have less autonomy because they are not designed to cover so many kilometers.

• The wheels are smaller.

• They have a smaller turning radius to maneuver better through tight spaces.

•  They are folding chairs and easier to transport. You can put them in the trunk of the car without problems.

Type of terrain where we are going to drive the wheels


If you are going to go through rough, uneven terrain every day, it is necessary to have larger wheels, as well as more powerful engines and greater battery capacity.

Large wheels are necessary for moving outdoors because they offer better grip on the ground. If we use small wheels, they may not offer such good results.

If the floor is regular and smooth, like that of a house or a shopping center, smaller ones are worth it; such large wheels are not necessary.

But the size of the wheel is not the only factor to consider. There are two types of wheels: pneumatic and solid.

The pneumatic tires absorb better the irregularities and obstacles, muffling the fly to make it more comfortable and stable. Many electronic chairs include them in the back. But they have a drawback: they can be punctured, so they need maintenance.

It is not to anyone's liking to be strolling down the street and a flat tire. For this reason we recommend solid wheels: they are never punctured and require no maintenance in this regard. Let nothing stop you!

Folding electric wheelchair or not?


A folding that allows to occupy the minimum space and a high portability to be transported comfortably from one side to another are positive points when choosing a chair.

It's great that an electric chair can fit in the car. After all, there is no reason to give up taking it with us wherever we go.

On the other hand, there are chairs power wheelchairs removable without tools. 

Approximate user weight.

How much does the user who is going to use the chair weigh? The lightest chairs have a maximum weight capacity of around 100 kg. If we need a stronger chair, the price of the chair may increase.

It is recommended that if a chair supports 100 kg, it be driven by a user of no more than 90 kg, as the chair may suffer when climbing a hill, for example. Engine speed and battery life are also affected by user weight.

Power wheelchair manufacturers come up with several chair models. But it is left for you to make a good option.


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