Things To Know About Lightweight Portable Electric Wheelchair

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Do you know that there is a lightweight wheelchair that is versatile and user-friendly? Yes, I mean a wheel chair that accommodates users’ differences and needs.


Lightweight portable electric wheelchair is the wheelchair that is user-friendly, comfortable, and durable for any user. Interestingly, it has a reliable electric source that supplies the motor electric power for smooth and easy movement.


Moreover, this well-designed wheelchair is foldable, easy to store, durable, and suitable for different terrains. To get the best quality of this fantastic device, it is advisable to contact a reliable and experienced manufacturer who has deep knowledge in it.

Categories of Lightweight Portable Electric Wheelchair

The sizes of this chair are categorized into three. They are:

· Classic Size

· Standard Size

· Heavy-duty Size

 Lightweight portable electric wheelchair

Major Features Of This Wheelchair

The following features are key features that make it comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

1. Smooth Mobility

The compact frame and the design of the tire makes it very comfortable to move from one place to another. The mobility is very smooth and is suitable for any environment. There is extreme convenience as well as versatility to the rider. Due to this, it is user-friendly and suitable for any age.

2. Brushless Motors

The wheelchair comes with two (2) brushless motors that are very powerful. With this, the wheelchair can continuously run for long period without any need of recharging the battery. Moreover, there is provision for attachment of extra two batteries with charger. This also increases the distance of use as the batteries are used interchangeably.

3. Adjustable Joystick 

The joystick is designed for easy use control system that can be mounted on the right or left side to fit the needs of the user. Anytime the adjustable joystick is detached, the electromagnetic brakes engage automatically. This ensures stationary position of the wheelchair securely.

Lightweight portable electric wheelchair

4. Collapsible Parts

The wheelchair is designed in a way that is very easy to fold down. Within few seconds the whole system can be collapsed together for easy transportation. Furthermore, there is a built-in anti-tip that is configured to protect users when moving uphill.

5. Back And Seat Cushions

The back and seat of the wheelchair is provided with cushions that enhance comfort. The seat is removable for easy folding and transportation. Also, the padded armrests are raised for easy accessibility. The footrest are folded down to ease transfer.

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