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The necessary knowledge for wheelchair selection and use of collectors

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The main objective of a Wheelchair is to allow the user maximum functionality, comfort and mobility. To do this, the Chair must be designed to fit the person; it is not the person who must conform to the Chair.


If the Wheelchair does not provide comfort or causes the user to slide forward or lean to one side, it shouldn’t be chosen. Hence, it will waste energy unnecessarily due to continued effort to modify your posture.


It is often considered that what affects the maneuverability of the Wheelchair the most is its weight and the material with which its structure is made. However, not only do these two factors have to be taken into account, but we will also have to take into account other requirements such as the way the chair has been adjusted, the seat and posture derived from it, the size of the wheels, the position, distance between the wheel axles, all this can decisively influence the functionality of the chair and the mobility of the user.


What components does a wheelchair have?

According to the reputable china lightweight wheelchair manufacturers, in order for the wheelchair to adapt correctly to the user, it is necessary to know the types of components it has. This way the choice will be more appropriate to the user's needs.


Fixed-frame wheelchairs are generally more manageable and tend to be lighter. In contrast, folding-frame chairs are easier to transport and store, since they take up less space when folded.


Wheelchair Material

The two types of materials are: Steel and Aluminum

Although it is the heaviest, it is the most common since they are generally cheaper Wheelchairs.

Whereas Aluminum Wheelchairs are lighter, easier to propel, yet more expensive.


china lightweight wheelchair manufacturers

5 things has to be take into account when choosing a manual wheelchair.

Front wheels

The size of the front wheels is very important in wheelchairs, the smaller they are, the easier they will be able to turn and will be more suitable for indoors.


Rear wheels

Generally, the size of the rear wheels will be 600mm in diameter (24 ″). Although smaller wheels of 500mm diameter (22 ″) or 500mm diameter (20 ″) may also be used, these types of wheels are designed for hemiplegics, so that they can be propelled with the feet. The benefit of smaller wheels is that with less effort a greater propulsion is achieved, and requires a greater number of impulses.


As for the covers, there are several types:

Solid: They are heavier, harder to ride and grip worse on wet surfaces, however they offer less resistance to rolling.

Pneumatic: They are lighter, and more comfortable to ride as they have a good grip on most surfaces.

High pressure: They are very light. They are generally used in active aluminum chairs.

Solid insert: Intermediate between solid and pneumatic wheels. They do not cushion as much as pneumatics, however, they have better grip on wet surfaces than solid ones.

Tubular: Minimal rolling resistance and are very light.

Push rings:They can be titanium (very light), steel (heavier), aluminum, or plastic coated.



Drum brakes: this type of brakes are used in wheelchairs that are not active, since the passenger will be in charge of setting the brake, since it is activated by pressing the lever like bicycle brakes.

Brake with shoe: they are anchored to the tube that is under the seat, and they can be of two types: depending on whether they are activated by pushing forward or pulling back.

Scissor brakes: commonly used in sports or active chairs, these brakes are located under the seat when not in use, so it does not disturb transfers.

One-hand brakes: indicated for people with hemiplegia who need to brake with only one hand.



Folding backwards

For Active Wheelchairs this accessory is usually eliminated and side protectors are put in place to prevent the wheels from dirtying clothes.


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