The Correct Way to Ride an Electric Wheelchair

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Electric wheelchairs are important vehicles for the elderly. Wheelchair operation seems simple, but not every user can operate. Do not cause secondary damage to the user due to wrong direction.


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Incorrect electric powered wheelchairs sitting posture for a long time will not only cause a series of secondary injuries, but also cause a series of secondary injuries such as scoliosis, joint deformation, wing shoulders, hunchback, etc., and may also cause respiratory function involvement, resulting in residual air in the lungs. Therefore, the right way to take a wheelchair and an electric wheelchair is a big problem that every elderly person can't ignore. In fact, this is why electric wheelchair prices range from one hundred yuan to several thousand dollars. Expensive wheelchairs have taken these factors into account in research and development. In order to solve these problems, the safe and portable electric wheelchair design has corresponding human body functions.


1. The hips as close as possible to the wheelchair back

If some elderly people can't get close to their backs, the lower back will bend and slide out of the wheelchair. Therefore, depending on individual circumstances, it is more comfortable to choose a wheelchair-sized "S" wheelchair or an electric wheelchair with adjustable backrest tightness.


2. Is the pelvis balanced?

Pelvic tilt is an important factor in scoliosis. Pelvic rolling is caused by poor deformation of wheelchair cushions and electric wheelchairs. Therefore, the material of the seat back pad is also critical when selecting a wheelchair electric wheelchair. You can observe that after three months of wheelchair riding for three months, the back pad becomes a groove. Such a wheelchair or electric wheelchair inevitably rides on the spine for a long time.


3. The leg position should be appropriate

Incorrect positioning of the legs will affect the pressure of the ischial tuberosity, causing leg pain and pressure transfer to the buttocks. The adjustment of the wheelchair pedal height should be appropriate. When sitting in a electric wheelchair, the angle between the calf and the thigh is slightly more than 90 degrees, otherwise the sedentary leg will be painful and the blood circulation will be affected.


4. Upper body and head posture fixed

In some patients, if the upper torso of the upper torso cannot maintain a correct sitting position, a wheelchair with a high backrest and an adjustable backrest angle can be used. For elderly and disabled people (such as cerebral palsy, high paraplegia, etc.) who are difficult to balance and control the trunk, headrests, fixed sitting postures, such as belts and chest straps, to avoid deformation of the spine. If the torso of the upper body has a hunchback forward, use a double cross chest strap or H-belt to secure it.


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