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The Contribution of Electric Wheelchairs to Our World

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There is no doubt that the wheelchairs have contributed tremendously to our world. Such contribution can be seen in the support they provide to those with impaired movement, the assistance they provide to caregivers and the general improvement in the healthcare sector.

Here, we are going to be looking at the features of the electric wheelchairs and their advantages.

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1. Movement autonomy

One of the biggest advantages of the electric wheelchair is that they provide greater autonomy of movement than conventional chairs. They are ideal for traveling long distances in large cities where it is common for the user to end up tired of propelling themselves with their arms. In addition, it provides greater independence because it is not necessary for another person to help propel it.

2. Less physical stress

The electric wheelchairs are controlled through a joystick, which makes it possible for the user to perform the necessary movements at any time without suffering a high degree of physical stress. Which is especially interesting for people suffering from multiple sclerosis because they can move without doing a great muscular job. This allows to conserve energy for the development of other more important activities.


3. They are foldable

These types of chairs are foldable, which makes them very comfortable and can easily find the most appropriate posture according to the needs of each user. With the foldable feature, they can be easily be stored, in the car trunk, thus occupying very little space.


4. Easy to use

The electric wheelchairs are very easy to use thanks to their simple mechanisms. The person adapts to its use in a very short time without any difficulty. In our online orthopedic shop hedasa.com you will find the best brands to improve your mobility.


5. Greater comfort

Another great advantage of electric wheelchairs is comfort. They can be easily adapted and transported. But they also allow you to customize both the backrest and the seat so that the position is more comfortable and adequate. This gives the user a great feeling of comfort and pressure relief from having to sit for a long time in the same posture.


6. Can be used on all types of surfaces

The electric wheelchairs not only allows a user to travel greater distances, it can also be used on all types of surfaces, helping users to overcome all the architectural barriers in their path. Again, it provides users with a wide variety of options to choose such as the type of tires and the position of the wheels. Many of them even have rear-wheel drive, which provides greater stability both indoors and outdoors. A typical model, the China portable airport electric wheelchair is designed for the airport terrain.


7. Charges while we sleep

It is true that to work, electric wheelchairs need a battery. However, this is not a problem, since it can be recharged while we sleep. In addition, you should know that these types of chairs have a fairly high autonomy, so they can be used all day without fear of running out of battery. The China battery powered wheelchair suppliers have been able to provide top quality electric wheelchairs to meet charging demands. No stress with charging.


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