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The best Wheelchair models for the elderly

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There are different models of wheelchairs depending on the needs of the elderly person or patient in question. The most common and generalized models include the following:

Electric wheelchairs

Self-propelled folding wheelchair: These models are ideal for intensive use both inside and outside the home. This mode requires a certain degree of involvement on the part of our older family member, since they must use their hands to facilitate movement. It has two large rear wheels. It is an economic and habitual model. It is designed for people who have good physical shape in their upper extremities. They have the added advantage that they are foldable, which greatly facilitates their storage in cars and buses. 

Folding wheelchair but without being self-propelled: It is a model similar to the previous one, with the difference that in this case the oldest cannot be autonomous and must always have the help of a third person to push him on the move . These chairs are always recommended by doctors for those affected by illnesses that affect memory such as Alzheimer's, since they will always have the supervision of a third person during their trips. 

Wheelchairs with positioning wheels: These chairs for the elderly are designed for people with practically no mobility and who need frequent movements to avoid deterioration. These chairs allow postural changes and multitude of exercises

Indoor wheelchair: These chairs for adults are rigid, which means that they cannot be folded. Therefore, its use is restricted exclusively to indoor and closed places such as a hospital, a nursing home, a day center or the elderly person's own home. It has very small wheels that allow small movements, from one dependency to another, but nothing more. As a general rule, they are narrow chairs that facilitate the transport of the elderly through narrow corridors in old houses and unprepared accesses for people with reduced mobility.

Electric wheelchairs: These chairs have the great advantage compared to the other models. The electric wheelchairs are designed with small motors that greatly facilitate the movement of the elderly or patient to different places. They grant a high degree of autonomy to the elderly dependents, and allows them to move and engage in other things without the help of a third person.

The wheelchairs are usually intensive products and that will affect the good health of the elderly. We recommend not paying too much attention to the price, but rather knowing the needs of the elderly and based on that, selecting the most suitable chair. Getting a good chair is an investment and not an expense. 

It is important to make sure that the material with which the backrest is made is the ideal one for our senior. It should be a freedom chair that provides maximum comfort to our elderly.

However, to avoid discomfort it is necessary to spare no cost in the manufacturing material. The vast majority of backrests are made of padded nylon. 

Many manufacturers allow the padding to be increased so that the backrest is less hard and more comfortable. Furthermore, health practitioners recommend the use of cushions to prevent or improve ailments.


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