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The Best Portable Folding Wheelchair: Convenient to Travel

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In present society, especially in the field of medical care, the role of wheelchair is becoming more and more important, and the use of wheelchair is becoming wider than before. Wheelchair is not only making a good use in transport the disable people and the elder. More than that, wheelchair provides the conveniences on taking care of the patients in hospital, to let them move or participate in the social activities. With the development of technology and the improvement of people' life standard, the China electrical wheelchair gradually takes the position of normal wheelchair nationwide, and the portable electric wheelchair that could be folding really brings lots of conveniences to human's life. For that it's convenient to travel and save space.  However, some problems were raised by the folding electrical wheelchair, for the most concerned, is the price and the safety in use. To dealing with these problems, Freedom chair company as China power wheelchair suppliers, is able to give you the right way on choosing a portable electric wheelchair.  Now let's see what's the advantages for highly recommended. 

Good quality materials 

Freedom chair company provides almost all kind of wheelchairs that you can choose which made by aluminum alloy, this material is usually used in making aircraft and other aerospace structures. It's with high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good extrudability, so that it would have a long lifecycle. The heart of the electric wheelchair——The Brushless Motor which has the certifications of 3C and UL test, was imported from Japan and got the quality assurance. 

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Furthermore, one advantage that should be highlighted, is that the electric wheelchair could be folding. It's to say, you can take it to anywhere you want, by folding the portable electric wheelchair within 1 second. Especially for the big family that usually go for a long trip. When they leave for somewhere, they could just fold the wheelchair and then take it on their car. And the portable electric wheelchair is also convenient to store, and save place, especially when there is no lumber room in a small size apartment, portable folding wheelchair helps to save space. 

Feedback from customers

"Since having Freedom powered wheelchair in my life, I can go to the Zoo, the movies, the waterfront and cafes. I can almost go to anywhere, even going overseas to see the kids taking portable wheelchair into the airplane" said Robert, one of the customers from New Zealand. In a word, portable electric wheelchair from Aoshida would be a bright choice in both medical care and daily house care for disable people or the elder. 

As one of the famous china power wheelchair suppliers, Aoshida aims at improving life quality by its designing concept, honesty service and advanced technology. Their portable electric wheelchair with great product performance and long lifecycles, win back lots of the customers from all of the world, and Aoshida will continually service their customers with their best,to be worthy of the trust of their customers. 


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