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Testing Methods of Electric Wheelchairs

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The users of electric wheelchairs are mostly elderly people with disabilities and people with disabilities. The braking effect of electric wheelchairs is directly related to the safety of the users during driving. Performance indicators detected by electric wheelchairs include maximum driving speed, standing slope performance, driving braking capability and braking stability. As a China lightweight folding electric wheelchair supplier, we have dedicated into wheelchair industry for years, now let’s share some testing methods together.

lightly adjustable lightweight electric wheelchairs

(1) Appearance quality inspection

The surface of painted and spray-painted parts should be smooth and even, and the color and luster should be uniform. The decorative surface must not have obvious defects such as scars, pits, blistering, cracks, wrinkles, peeling and scratches. Non-decorative surfaces are not allowed to have defects such as exposed bottoms and severe blemishes and cracks. The surface of the electroplated parts should be bright and uniform in color and there should be no blisters, peeling, burning, rust, exposed bottom and obvious burrs. The surface of the plastic parts should be flat, uniform in color and luster without obvious defects such as flash, scratches, cracks, dents, etc. Welds of weldments shall be even and flat, without defects such as missing welding, cracks, slag inclusions, burn-through, undercuts, etc. The seat cushion and back should be full, and the seam edges should be clear, and there should be no defects such as wrinkles, fading, damage.


(2) Performance test

According to the application of electric wheelchairs, such as indoor driving, outdoor short-distance or long-distance driving, the performance of the motor, such as temperature rise and insulation resistance should be tested.


(3) Maximum speed detection

Speed detection should be performed on a level road. Drive the electric wheelchair into the test road at full speed, drive at full speed between the two markers, and then return at full speed to record the time and distance between the wheelchair and the two markers. The above process was repeated once, and the maximum speed was calculated based on the time taken for these four times. The measurement accuracy of the distance and time between the selected markers should be guaranteed so that the error of the calculated maximum speed is not greater than 5%.


(4) Performance of standing slope

After the brake of the electric wheelchair is properly adjusted and braked, the direction of the electric wheelchair is placed on a slope-adjustable test platform (all wheels are on the inclined surface). Change the tilt angle of the platform until the following situations occur:

① The wheels of the electric wheelchair begin to roll down along the platform (braking failure);

② The electric wheelchair starts to slide along the platform (the friction between the wheel and the platform is insufficient);

③ Instability of electric wheelchair (One or more wheels are lifted off the platform. The above test is repeated three times, and the test results are recorded.


(5) Driving brake detection

Drive the electric wheelchair forward on the horizontal road at the maximum speed, then make the brake produce the maximum braking effect and maintain this situation until the electric wheelchair is forced to stop. The above test was repeated three times and the maximum speed, braking distance and other phenomena occurred during the test were recorded. It’s quite important to choose a trustworthy portable folding electric powered wheelchair factory’s product so that customers can avoid a lot of problems and guarantee security.


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