Technology makes people more dignified: Freedom Chair

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In addition to the advantages of technology and design, technology can make life more quality and make some people live with dignity.

freedomchair foldable wheelchair

Wheelchair is a necessary tool for many disabled people. But a traditional wheelchair or motorized wheelchair gives the impression of being "physically disabled". We'll think professor X in the X - man is cool, but also because he sat on a full sense of science and technology of the wheelchair, you will think that this is a new kind of personal transport, rather than a wheelchair with "disabled" label.

The FreedomChair is a wheelchair with a more dignified seat, a very modern, beautiful shape, full of humanized design, enough to cope with the changing patterns of various life scenarios. FreedomChair can even be used as a personal vehicle for a new era for anyone.

First of all, the appearance of FreedomChair very modern, with the light on the sense of science and technology, the metal material with smooth surface combined into FreedomChair appearance, people praise it after seeing it, beautiful appearance, and no longer believe that a person is a weak "disabled" or at any time the old man in need of help.

Secondly, the brake lights, the water cup net, the hook of the hanging bag and the front lighting can all be installed in the wheelchair. In addition, we also have various wheelchair accessories for customers, including headrest, battery, etc. All the details of the FreedomChair are based on actual needs in the life scenario.

Finally, FreedomChair is very easy to carry, it can easily be placed in the narrow space of the trunk, can be folded in one second, the volume is only 0.138cm3, users can bring our wheelchairs to the world wide without any obstacles, safe and comfortable And convenient.

FreedomChair fully demonstrates that how technology can better serve humanity, providing users with an excellent experience through elegant design and intimate design. And to bring more dignity to a particular group of users, this is the most admirable place -- all the functions and designs revolve around "people".


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