SUV in Wheelchairs - Electric Wheelchairs Nominated for Innovation Awards

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The electric wheelchair "B-Free-Ranger" was the first electric wheelchair to climb the stairs and was the German premiere at the Altenpflege-Messe 2018 in Hannover. In a special show, Aveneo presents a miracle seat and can be tested by interested professionals. “Wheelchair users are free to go up and down stairs and even off-road, which is the SUV in a real electric wheelchair.” Christian Wegscheider from Vienna stated that he brought this innovation from Vienna and shined at the show. German buyers are very interested in electric wheelchairs. This wheelchair has an off-road ability to climb the stairs and drive safely in any terrain. Easy to operate, automatic driving on the stairs, absolutely safe! For those using this wheelchair, climbing stairs to a 35-degree tilt is as simple as a children's game.


In addition, he also came to Hanover with another highlight, and displayed in booth C04 in Hall 21: Folding travel wheelchair "Freedom Chair". Of course, it can also use electric drives, and it is especially important: special MSDS certificates owned by wheelchair manufacturers. This is very important for electric wheelchairs that are to be brought to the plane. Freedom's MSDS certificate means that they can be transported on airplanes worldwide.

FreedomChair is the first truly foldable electric wheelchair. So it suits most cars and can take trains, ships and planes. There are several versions of FreedomChair available to suit different people.


We look forward to the reaction of the audience, especially users in wheelchairs, to turning conceptual ideas into practical conveniences so that everyone can order.


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