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Safe and Reliable Double Electric Wheelchair

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Due to family and social factors, more and more elderly people are living alone. Many elderly people need to accompany or travel together with their children to take care of each other. Therefore, two-person electric wheelchairs have emerged. Freedom Chair is a famous China transport wheelchair manufacturer, let's share some knowledge about the safe and reliable double electric wheelchair.

Freedom Chair's two-person electric wheelchair can be used alone or in pairs. It can be freely adjusted according to the use scene and needs. If you need two people to travel, you only need to install the manned chair without tools and you can take two people. If you need one person to travel, you can disassemble or fold the chair and carry it behind the wheelchair.

Advantages of this double electric wheelchair:

First, this double electric wheelchair is safer than other double electric wheelchairs. Most double-seater electric wheelchairs on the market sit heavy in the front and small ones in the back. Our double electric wheelchairs can be used safely regardless of whether they are fat or thin. Passengers are safe whether going straight or before and after a turn.


Second, humanized design is the soul of the product. A soulless product is like a walking dead like a soulless person; in order to make passengers safer and more comfortable, the front and rear seats of this double electric wheelchair are designed with safety armrests and backrests; in order to solve the lack of battery life of most electric wheelchairs. This double electric wheelchair is designed to be freely equipped with original batteries. Users can flexibly choose and install according to their actual needs; in order to meet the travel needs of some users, this China portable electric wheelchair weighs only 25 kg and is foldable with one button, which is more convenient for self-driving or public transportation.

Third, the extremely low failure rate and repair rate allow you to use it with confidence, peace of mind and the value of the product can be reflected. Imagine the elderly and disabled people who have limited mobility. After more than four years of statistics, we found that the failure rate of this electric wheelchair is less than 1%. Even if you are within this 1% range, we will help you dispose of it within 24 hours; the more important thing is that even after three or five years, you can still contact us and no one will feel cold. Because FreedomChair has been always insisting on quality and taste of old-time products to be the best China power wheelchairs supplier.


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