Routine Maintenance Of Electric Wheelchair: Arm Rest And Back Support

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There are several advantages of buying an electric wheelchair, and the main importance is to aid movement in a case whereby movement is not possible due to some health conditions.


Nevertheless, electric wheelchairs are made to provide some other benefits like comfort and maneuvering of tight spaces. However, for you to enjoy your power chair, it must be properly maintained.

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Therefore, routine maintenance of this piece of equipment is very important for the purpose of comfortability in usage and durability.


However, despite the need to ensure that you are faithful with the routine maintenance of your power chair, the first step to ensure that you are on the safest side is to patronize a renowned electric wheelchair factory manufacturer for the best products.


Routine Maintenance Guide For Electric Wheelchair


The main importance of arm support is to give the hands of the user a suitable resting posture. Also, arm supports give a kind of convenience and support to handles whenever the user leans to a particular side.


In most cases, the armrests can be adjustable or fixed, and they can be flipped or removed along the way to give clearance in transferring the wheelchair in and out.


The removable armrests are commonly fit into a single or two sockets. Usually, when there are two attaching points, the forward-facing socket uses a latch to keep the arm support in place.


The flip-back armrests are the kind of armrest with a hinge at the back close to the seat intersection and backrest. Some of the flips back support employ the latch in the forward-facing to help protect them in place.


Routine Maintenance for the Armrest

· Examine to confirm that the armrest is in one piece, free (if designed originally to be), tighten, can easily put back in place, and easily latch.


· Examine whether sharp edges are present, and they do, remove them to avoid harm


· Slack armrests can cause the user to fall when the user uses them for support in movement. For this reason, it is necessary to tighten the armrest.


· When a problem is encountered, consult a professional electric wheelchair factory for maintenance guide and guide.


· This examination of the armrest must be performed every month.


Back Support

Back supports give postural support and comfort while sitting down in the wheelchair. Back supports could be rigid or dangled upholstery. For back supports that is designed in the form of an upholstery perform the following;


· Examine it for tears, wear, possible metal parts sticking out, or stretch upholstery.


· Examine all upholstery screws or rivets and confirm that there are no tears in the upholstery around those spots.


· Slack upholstery can give less postural support and cause skeletal deformities. For this reason, they need to be tightened as often as possible.


· Always ensure that you consult a wheelchair expert to change the upholstery whenever these issues are identified.


· When the upholstery is changed, it is best to change the screws or bolts that are holding it in place. This will make sure that they are correctly maintained.


 Concerning Rigid Back Supports;

· Examine if the surface is in place.


· Examine that the hardware of the back support is correctly fixed to the support post without any rattling.


· Ensure that loose bolts are tightened with an Allen wrench, screwdriver, or wrench.


· If there is a worn-out fabric, and/or the foam is rigid, consult the wheelchair expert to provide a replacement.


· The back support must be examined monthly to ensure that everything is in place and order.


Many wheelchairs that possess rigid frames usually have a foldable back support for easy storage and transport.


So, if you possess back support that can be foldable, examine that the mechanical lock is intact. Because a slack back support can be dangerous when transferring to another place.


Regularly ensure that the back support is properly locked before usage, immediately after unfolding the back. If issues are noticed, consult your electric wheelchair factory to get it replaced or fixed.


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