Points to Note When Using Electric Wheelchairs

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When it comes to powered wheelchair usage, proper maintenance is very essential because a properly maintained wheelchair last long and serve the owner very well.


Though, sometimes when the maintenance is beyond the owner’s handling, the person may consult electric wheelchair Suppliers that practically understand every part of the wheelchair.


However, if you need a new high-quality wheelchair(s) or maintenance of the one you are using, you can contact reputable and renowned electric wheelchair suppliers.


Here are some guides on how some parts of the electric wheelchair can be maintained:


Power Seat Functions

The major aspects of power seat functions are to independently help people that cannot reposition or move properly.


The techniques help to provide comfort, helps in personal care actions, manage tone and posture, and redistribute pressure.

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Here are some things to consider for the maintenance of power seat functions:


· When checking for the power seat functions, the first thing to do is to tilt, after then you will recline and lastly you can then elevate the legs.


· When there is a malfunctioning of the power seat functions, the user may be in a position that is not safe for driving or can be at risk of experiencing pressure sore.


· Check if the indicators, controls, horn, and driving are perfectly working.


· When you notice problems or faults like jerking, grinding, or anything not properly working in the wheelchair, consult an expert on wheelchair maintenance.


· These actions should be done every month.


Battery Charger

In electric wheelchairs, batteries are the fueling system that powers the wheelchair. When the batteries are not properly working, the wheelchair cannot function properly as well.

Maintenance of the batteries is very important so that the wheelchair can perform properly.


Therefore, the following guides should be followed for the maintenance of the wheelchair:

· It is essential to use a suitable charger for every set of batteries.


· Make use of the charger that comes along with the wheelchair,


· Regularly check the cable of the charger.


· If any problem is discovered, consult an expert on wheelchair maintenance.


· This routine should be done every month.



The joysticks are a very commonly known control that connects the wheelchair and the user.


The switches and joysticks may be employed to properly control the wheelchair. The problems associated with joysticks may lead to malfunctioning of the wheelchair process or the electronics.


To maintain the joystick, you need the following guide:

· The controller should be switched off


· Examine the rubber boot at the base and the joystick if there are damages.


· Examine if the joystick freely returns to its natural state without tilting.


· Observe whether the seal on the joystick is fixed and observe if all controls and switches are well closed.


· Examine if the clamp control is holding the joystick is well in place. It is good to properly tighten it when it is loose.


· Consult an expert on a wheelchair whenever you notice a problem in your wheelchair.


· Perform this task every month.


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