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Among the list of things to give special attention to, your electric wheelchair battery is one that should be highly dependable and easily charged whenever you need it. And in choosing the right electric wheelchair battery, you must be keen enough to select the one that will meet your wheelchair’s specification before buying what you can’t use happily. For this reason, it then becomes very important that when looking for an electric wheelchair battery
With the rise in the usage of electrical power wheelchairs, there are selections of electric wheelchair makers listed in online shops. The electrical power wheelchairs can be found with many functions such as chin controller, hand controller etc. Several of the wheelchairs include special features such as leg elevation, tilting capabilities and elevation of seats. Supplied with various features and types, the electronic wheelchair is among the most effective tools that is viewed as a plus to humanity.
People with limited mobility have relied on wheelchairs for centuries to help them get around. But not much has changed in wheelchair design over the last 200 years. Modern wheelchairs use the same basic design that was developed many years ago.
Interestingly, batteries are the one components that gives electric wheelchair edge over other manual wheelchair. These batteries, you can tell are all in different categories based on the type of electric wheelchair they are designed to power.
Heavy duty whelchairs are designed to fit users on the plus size weight level. It is mainly designed to hold more weight but of recent it has been noted that not only the body weight needs consideration but also the shape of the body contributes to breadth of the wheelchair.
Expectations for power wheelchair batteries run high when it comes to long-lasting convenience. Whether you are a new power wheelchair owner or a well established one, the length of time a battery lasts is always on the mind. The following information will help explain how long power wheelchair batteries last and steps you can take to get the best use from a battery.
The decision to purchase a wheelchair should not be taken lightly, and you must do your research to ensure you choose the most suitable chair, particularly for daily use. You must consider all aspects of manual wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs; including positioning, seating, wheels and even customizable wheelchair accessories.
For many, a wheelchair is an essential part of day-to-day life. Without it, they lose their independence, stability and means to get out and about in the community. The wheelchair industry is one that has long played a significant role is aiding individuals, but is yet to be talked about much in the mainstream media. The electric wheelchair industry is growing at an astonishing rate; expected to reach £2.4 billion in 2022.
You do not need a licence to drive an electric wheelchair, but you may have to register it. Only certain types can be driven on the road. The law calls these types of vehicles 'invalid carriages'.
The manual segment dominated the market and accounted for the largest revenue share of 60.9% in 2020. There is a high demand for manual wheelchairs around the globe due to affordability, lightweight, and non-dependability on charging. Also, they come in a variety of configurations and weights, from standard to ultra-lightweight, require little space as a lot of the models with foldable options.
The global wheelchair market size was valued at USD 2.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.0% from 2021 to 2028. Rising population of geriatrics and the rise in number of disorders such as spinal cord injuries requiring mobility assistance are some of the key factors driving the market. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), approximately 17,730 new spinal cord injuries occur in the U.S. every year, with vehicular crashes being the leading cause of injury. Thus, the U.S. stands as a key market for wheelchair.
People usually want the freedom to go wherever they choose and to perform various kinds of activities. This is also the case for people with chronic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, etc. The difference is, either they can't do it at all, or it is extremely difficult for them to participate in normal activities. Using a manual wheelchair may solve this problem to a degree, but using one requires significant upper body strength. If you find yourself exhausted using a manual wheelchair, you should consider going for a electric wheelchair. Will this option solve all your problems? Let's see.
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