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Operating Skills and Precautions for Driving an Electric Wheelchair Up and Downhill

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Electric wheelchairs have won the favor of the elderly, the disabled, and friends with their flexible, lightweight and easy-to-control features. Electric wheelchairs bring great convenience for the elderly and the disabled. However, driving an electric wheelchair will inevitably encounter uphill and downhill sections, so is it safe for an electric wheelchair to go downhill? FreedomChair stands out between various China portable folding electric powered wheelchair manufacturers and we are going to analyze the operating skills and precautions for driving an electric wheelchair to go downhill.

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Electric wheelchairs have limited ability to climb or climb. Each vehicle has its own maximum climbing gradient. In order to prevent the danger of electric wheelchairs turning over on the upper section, most lightweight electric wheelchairs also have two tilt the small wheel, which can prevent the wheelchair from turning over when going uphill, but the premise is that when the anti-backward small wheel is against, you need to tilt your body slightly forward and move the center of gravity of the vehicle slightly forward.


Electric wheelchair uphill has a lot to do with the power of the motor. When the horsepower is insufficient, if the load exceeds the limit or the battery power is insufficient, the power of uphill will be insufficient. However, in order to prevent the occurrence of slippery slopes, most automatic wheelchairs use electromagnetic smart brakes. When buying electric wheelchairs, everyone can't just fancy the cheap price, but also consider the safety devices of electric wheelchairs, such as anti-tilt wheels, such as electromagnetic brakes.


We mentioned the skills and precautions of driving an electric wheelchair uphill. The following are the tips and precautions of driving an electric wheelchair downhill:

There are two main types of brake systems for electric wheelchairs on the market, one is electromagnetic brakes, and the other is electronic brakes. Overall, the braking performance of electromagnetic brakes is more reliable. There is usually no brake failure when driving on a safe slope. However, the braking performance of the electronic brake is slightly insufficient. After braking, you may slip forward or roll back slowly. Therefore, if the electric wheelchair being driven is an electronic brake, remember to keep the battery fully charged when traveling, otherwise it will slowly roll back if the battery is not enough to go up the ramp. It is recommended to drive slowly while driving downhill.


In addition, no matter what braking system is installed, it is best to develop a good habit of driving an electric wheelchair, check whether the power is enough and the braking system is good before traveling. When driving an electric wheelchair, tilt your body forward as much as possible, while lowering your speed as much as possible when descending a slope. Fasten your body belt as much as possible to adjust the center of gravity of the vehicle to prevent injuries caused by the wheelchair overturning. Of course, the safest way is to ask passers-by for assistance to go uphill or downhill or take a detour when encountering a slope that you are not sure of.


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