Moving and Wonderful Stories about Freedomchair and Users

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Today I would like to share some stories about Freedomchair and its users around the word.


The first story is from Roberts:

He has been an MS sufferer for many years and have pretty much lost all mobility on my right side. He used a large power chair with with big size and heavy weight which has certainly made his life more bearable.


Then he discovered the Freedom Chair. With Freedom’s Electric Wheelchair, he can almost go anywhere. He can visit family and friends without them having to come to him and have an enjoyable day together.


In late July 2017 Roberts and his wife travelled to Germany to see their kids with the Freedom Chair. It made the trip so easy. 


“I’m now FREE.”

“The Freedom Chair has given me my life back and the best thing I can say about it is: Its Life Changing”.


The second story is from Jennie:

Jennie can do many things that never done before with Freedom electric wheelchair, like visiting the Hamilton Gardens, visiting her daughter in Rotorua, walking around Government Gardens and lake with family and enjoyed coffee with friends.


She says: It has literally been years since I have been able to do this, and I feel like I have a whole new lease of life! I feel able now to go anywhere and do almost anything. This chair is very aptly named as it certainly is a Freedom Chair. “


More from Jennie:

She enjoyed a wonder four-week tour of Europe with Freedom electric wheelchair: London -- Scotland -- Paris. With the smaller size and less weight of the Freedom Chair it proved itself to be ideal everywhere she went.


For a traveler, having the 2nd battery was such a good idea and allowed her to everything she wanted to do in a day without having to stop and wait for a battery to charge before continuing.


She said: “This is such a wonderfully fantastic wheelchair that has made our trip, and our lives, so much better than we could have hoped.”


The Third story is from David:

David took Freedom electric wheelchair with him, when visiting shopping malls, which enabled him to spend more time in places.

“It’s been good not having to rush in, get what I needed, and then get out quickly.” He said.


He travel all around the town and was able to use the chair from the apartment when he was in Paihia.

He said: “The chair has given me mobility that I didn’t previously have, due to the strain put on my back with using the crutches. The chair has attracted a lot of attention, and I’ve handed one person a flyer. Thanks for your wonderful product. “


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