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Maintenance of Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs

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What are the things that you benefit from using this device? Well, your answers may include, high mobility, comfort, smooth running, reliability, easy navigation through difficult terrain, or a better life.


To keep benefitting from this machine, it is essential to maintain it properly at the right time. Poorly maintained wheelchair increases the risk of injury to users. It also increases annual expenditure in the long run.


Proper maintenance of a heavy duty electric wheelchair increases its usability, comfort, and relief to users while using it. Also, the machine is less likely to malfunction sooner than expected.


The following tips will enable you to properly maintain Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs. Good knowledge of these tips will enable you to properly maintain the wheelchair.

1. Frame Of The Wheelchair

The frame supports the weight and posture of users. For proper maintenance, periodically inspect the weld points and the frame to ensure it is intact. Check for cracks, bends, holes, and fractures to ensure there is no fault. In case of any fault, contact an expert immediately for repairs if it is beyond your ability.

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2. The Shrouds

The shroud protects the battery and the electronics of the power wheelchair. Inspect the shrouds every day to confirm that they are intact. Tighten the shroud if it is not tight. In case there is any damage to the shrouds, replace it with another one. You can contact an expert if you observe problems that originate from the shrouds.

3. The Brakes

Failure from the brake may result in a vital accident that injures users. It is essential to properly inspect the brakes to ensure that they are working properly. Test the functionality of the brakes by pushing the joystick until it clicks. Then release the joystick to know if it will stop immediately. If you notice any fault, repair it immediately.

4. Bolts And Nuts

Nuts and bolts hold two parts together. Inspect the wheelchair to observe if they are still tight or loose. Use a wrench or screwdriver of the same size to tighten the bolts. Don't over-tight it to avoid causing damage to the part. If any of the bolts miss, replace them with the same type and size.

5. The Anti-Tips

The anti-tips are located at the rear and front of the power wheelchair. It protects the wheelchair from tipping off. Inspect to ensure they are not loose. Use an appropriate screwdriver to tighten it. Inspect to identify any crack or wearing out of the part. If you notice any major problem, contact the expert immediately for a replacement.

6. The Armrest And Head Support

The armrest supports good sitting posture while the head support provides stability and protects the head. Inspect the armrest to ensure that it is not loose. Use the appropriate screw to tighten it appropriately. Check the armrest to ensure there are no sharp edges that may result in injury.

heavy duty electric wheelchair

7. Battery Charger

The battery charger charges the battery that enables the smooth performance of the wheelchair. Use an appropriate charger for charging. Preferably, use the charger that came from the manufacturer of the wheelchair.

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