Maintenance of head and foot support parts of electric wheelchair

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An electric wheelchair is an automated wheelchair that supports mobility. This type of wheelchair does not need the assistance of a caregiver because it can be operated by the owner.


The wheelchair is mostly used by aged people. It helps the aged people who have limitations with movement to move around with ease.


Research shows that the demand for an electric wheelchair will increase over time. And this will possibly increase the production of an electric wheelchair in China.


One of the factors that will contribute to the increase is the growth in aged people with limitations in movement.


Therefore, for elderly people to be able to move around independently, wheelchairs are necessary.


Since a wheelchair is a means to ease mobility, for the wheelchair to last long, proper maintenance needs to be considered.


There are wheelchair professionals that specialized in an electric wheelchair in China. They provide maintenance guide on wheelchair parts such as head and foot support.


Head Support

The use of supports that contain the head and neck may be needed to give allow stability.


This stability is needed to control and avoid extension of the head from the maximum limit of back support. It is essential if the system used in seating involves reclining or tilting.

 electric wheelchair in China

There are varieties of supporting heads such as the winged, flat, removable, flip-down, vertical wedge, curved, lateral, U-shaped, among others.


The supporting heads are attached using hardware that care be regulated for easy adjustment, removal, and movement of the support whenever it is needed.


The foot supports can maintain as follows:

Ø Examine the head support is appropriately intact and well tightened. If the design of the head support is made to move.


Therefore, allow it to freely move without rattling. Worn-out or loose supporting heads can make it uncomfortable for usage.   


Ø Use an appropriate wrench to tighten loose bolts.


Ø Use lubricant in movable parts/hinges when the supports are not adjusting with ease.


Ø If there are problems beyond your control, consult an expert on the maintenance of a wheelchair.


Ø This checkup is necessary and needed to be performed every month.


Foot Support

Supporting feet are employed to assist the legs and feet. Various supporting feet tend to spin, remove, move down or up, or elevate.


Regularly, when engaging with an obstacle, the supporting feet are firstly engaged with the obstacle.


The foot supports are employed in the opening of doors. They perform the role of bumpers and scratched on the ground whenever the powered wheelchair is moved into a vehicle.


Swing-away supporting feet cannot last long when compared to rigid supporting feet.


Commonly, the swing-away supporting foot can bend during a minor collision.


The foot supports can maintain as follows:

Ø Check the swing-away supporting feet and search for bushings, pins, and bolts that are wearing off.


Ø Check if the supporting feet are well tightened and intact. If it is removable, ensure that you tighten it back with ease. You should employ an appropriate wrench and screwdriver to fasten the loose bolts.


Ø The use of lubricant can be employed in movable parts/hinges when the supports are not adjusting with ease.


Ø In case there is any identified problem, consult the manufacturer.


Ø This guide must be conducted every month. 


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