Is Your Heavy Duty Wheelchair Perfect For You?

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Heavy duty whelchairs are designed to fit users on the plus size weight level. It is mainly designed to hold more weight but of recent it has been noted that not only the body weight needs consideration but also the shape of the body contributes to breadth of the wheelchair.

The development of new structural features in areas of breadth, strength and depth is needed due to the needs of plus sized heavy duty wheelchair users.

These new structural designs will help users function independently giving them the opportunity to make independent decisions as well as giving them the feeling of independence.

The environment where the heavy duty wheelchair is used is an important factor that should be considered because it can cramp or hinder the proper use it if it is not used in proper environment.

How then do you make sure that your heavy duty wheelchair is perfect for your needs?

Here are things to consider when you want to get your own heavy duty wheelchair, these factors when considered and met will ensure you get a perfect wheelchair suitable for you.

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Your Weight

The standard wheelchair weight is around 114-127kg that is 18-20 stone marks, so the important thing to do is get accurately weighed and never, I repeat, never use an estimate.

Then after this, note what your strengths are, like is there enough strength, range of movement in your upper body to propel yourself or will you have to get an attendant propelled wheelchair?

Then next thing to note down is what tasks you want to use the heavy duty wheelchair for because the wheelchair is meant to be support for you in the tasks and activities you do.


Your Comfort

Comfort is a very important factor to consider when choosing a suitable wheelchair as not only does it help you the wheelchair user to do your in activity independently, it also makes sure that pressure areas are  being maintained for good posture.

Although, you the user might to adjust to this at first because poor posture may have become an habit making good posture feel uncomfortable for you until your body adjusts.

When getting your wheelchair make sure that the heavy duty wheelchair has an adequate cushion which means that the cushion fit perfectly with the wheelchair and has appropriate pressure relief.

Always remember that it is the general combined weight of you and the heavy duty wheelchair that counts.

This will let you know if the combined weight is good for long-term usage either self-propulsion or attendant propulsion.


Make sure to check out the wheel type of the wheelchair.

There are solid and polyurethane tyres which are both made from either rubber or plastic. They are usually considered the best as they cannot be punctured or deflated, but there are disadvantages of these tyres and one of the major one is that these solid tyres are heavier thus making it very difficult to lift and transport around.

This might not necessarily be an issue for the user but all aspect needs to be checked and taken into account.

For more advice on things or factors like mobility, functional and healthcare equipment, it is important to meet with appropriate healthcare professionals as well as a reputable wheelchair manufacturer.

In conclusion, after getting advice or more information from professionals and with the little guidelines written above, you can be rest assured the heavy duty wheelchair you choose following the guidelines will be a perfect support for you and your needs.

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