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Is the Travel Folding Wheelchair can Board the Plane?

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With the development of the economy and the aggravation of the aging process, it has become fashionable for the elderly to travel. When they are young, they are busy with work and have no time to travel. When they are old, they have time to travel, but it is not convenient for them to travel. For the elderly and the disabled, traveling is not so easy. A portable and foldable traveling wheelchair can be used as a standard for traveling with the elderly.

When traveling, you can choose a suitable wheelchair according to your own conditions. If you are elderly or disabled with better self-care ability, you can choose an affordable compact folding wheelchair or sports wheelchair. For those who are less able to take care of themselves, they can choose a portable folding electric wheelchair or a portable scooter. The following is to introduce to you a "high-speed railway that can board the plane - especially for the elderly to travel light folding wheelchair."


More highlights:

1. Non-pneumatic tire: explosion-proof and anti-prick, durable.

2. Airfoil: lighter and stronger.

3. Pressure relief armrest is more comfortable to hold

4. Wear-resistant solid universal wheel with easy 360 degree steering

5. Sensitive handbrake is convenient for nursing staff to use

6. Foot pedal can be removed to receive handle

The wheelchair can be used until you get on the plane. If you are a disabled person who is alone on the plane, the flight attendant will help you get into the seat. If you are accompanied by relatives, you can ask them to hold you in the seat. When you get off the plane, the flight attendant at the destination airport will use the airport wheelchair to help you cross the covered bridge section, and then wait for you to pick up your luggage and the wheelchair.


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