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Is A Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair Safe to Operate?

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With the advancement of technology, electric wheelchairs are becoming lighter and more portable. This is what most users expect, but some people are beginning to worry about the safety of lightweight electric wheelchairs. Will lightweight electric wheelchairs easily roll over? Freedom folding electric wheelchair manufacturer - Aoshida tells you that there are no hidden dangers in operating in accordance with regulations.


Many people think that whether a lightweight electric wheelchair is unsafe is a wrong concept. The safety of an electric wheelchair does not depend on the weight of the electric wheelchair, but on the structural design of the electric wheelchair and the road conditions.


The structural design of the electric wheelchair determines the central problem in the case of the entire vehicle under load. If the structural design is not reasonable, there may be hidden safety hazards on the uphill and downhill under load; most of the lightweight electric wheelchairs sold on the market are strictly tested. Therefore, if there is no problem in standard operation under the conditions specified in the instruction manual, everyone need not worry. But the premise is that you must choose a professional electric wheelchair developed and produced by a regular manufacturer. If you want to buy a so-called electric wheelchair produced by a small workshop for cheap, it may not be safe.

Followed by the walking conditions also determine safety issues. The safe climbing angle of the electric wheelchair is 8-10 degrees. If you walk on a steep slope that exceeds the safe climbing angle, the problem of safety hazards is inevitable. In fact, the climbing angle of most electric wheelchairs is much more than 10 degrees.

A07 Lightweight Folding Brushless Motor Electric Power Wheelchair

The third is that the operation skills when driving an electric wheelchair up and downhill are also important. Because the wheelbase of the electric wheelchair and the vehicle width are small, it is recommended to lean forward slightly when going uphill to move the center of the vehicle forward; try to tilt your body backwards when going downhill to move the center of gravity of the vehicle backward. This is simple Posture adjustment can reduce the chance of safety accidents. In addition, when going uphill and downhill, you must go up and down the vertical slope. Do not walk on the slope sideways. Walking on the slope sideways causes the electric wheelchair to roll over.


For the safety of light electric wheelchairs, you can also refer to the article "How much slope can electric wheelchairs and electric scooters can climb". If you are worried about the safety of lightweight electric wheelchairs, it is recommended to go to the Freedom Chair showroom to experience a variety of wheelchairs, such as lightweight electric wheelchairs, portable wheelchairs, China folding battery powered wheelchair before purchasing. 


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