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How to Replace Motor On Electric Wheelchair

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One of the most essential components of an electric wheelchair is the motor. In fact, it is the heart of the wheelchair. A powerful wheelchair is difficult to run smoothly without a good motor. With a perfect one, you can operate the chair with ease.


As a component that can malfunction anytime, it is important to know how to replace it within a short period. Some manufacturers often put manuals that help you to maintain and take proper care of your motor.


Meanwhile, it is essential to purchasing a quality detachable electric wheelchair from a reliable and reputable producer. With this, you are sure of the quality of the parts, especially, motor, a key component of the chair.

 Detachable Electric Wheelshair

When motors are pushed beyond the limit, it may cause a sudden stop. This can leave you stranded at home or in public if you don't have an idea on how to replace it. By spending a little time on this article, you can replace your motor easily and prevent any form of disappointment.


Steps To Replace Motor

The following steps will guide you to replace damaged motors on a detachable electric wheelchair.

1. The first step is to unscrew the connector plugs from the battery.

2. Remove the damaged motor from the wheelchair after unscrewing the nuts that fasten it to the chair.

3. Purchase a new motor with the same working dimension as the damaged motor.

4. Fasten it to the wheelchair and connect the connector plug to the battery.

5. Finally, inspect the motor when the lever is engaged and when it is not engaged.


How To Know That Your Motor Needs Replacement

It is essential to know when to replace your motor to avoid disappointment. Some of the basic things you must watch out for as a user are:

1. Strange or louder noise from the motor

2. Feeling of unusual heat from the side of the motor

3. Burning smell from it.

4. Unusual and sluggish performance from the wheelchair

5. Occasional malfunctioning during use


Why You Must Replace Or Repair Motor As Soon As Possible

It is very risky to keep on postponing the fixing of your faulty motor. Besides, the risk of breaking down the power wheelchair increases as you keep on delaying its proper maintenance.

Detachable Electric Wheelshair

Some of the reasons you should consider are:

1. It will cause more damage to the wheelchair

2. There is a high probability of meeting disappointment or getting stranded in the public or at home.

3. It will interrupt your daily activities

4. You will stay alone for hours while expecting someone to assist your mobility.

5. You may spend more money on repairs as a result of more damage to the detachable electric wheelchair


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The motor is the center of the electric wheelchair. Mobility depends on it. It is advisable to contact an expert for the replacement of the motor. As a renowned and reputable manufacturer of quality products, we produce motors that are good for your wheelchair.


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