How to live in the city with the Freedomchair wheelchair

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Building more inclusive cities means ensuring that all its inhabitants, regardless of their age, mobility or physical condition, have equal access to resources.

However, a part of the population continues to have problems to carry out daily activities in some parts of the cities. Elderly or sick people , who are forced to move in a wheelchair We analyze the challenges that this entails, how their situation has improved and everything that is still ahead.

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Curbs, stopes and sidewalks

"The main difficulties are found on the curbs, either because they are too close to the road, which is a danger, or because they do not comply with the regulations and are too high. Sometimes one side of the pavement is accessible but the other is not, so when crossing disabled people have to find another access area on the road, being exposed to cars.

The difficulties are not limited to transportation. Many times they appear when accessing public or private buildings and leisure areas.

Another difficulty is making use of the hands to aid the movement when the wheelchair is not powered. This is an additional problem especially when it is a long distance journey.

Also, a typical difficulty in the city is the topography of the terrain. For those cities with lots of slopes, it becomes even difficult for the wheelchair users. Those areas ​​on a slope and with many cobbled streets , makes it more difficult to navigate in a wheelchair.

In addition, we all know that life in the city is a busy one. People almost always don’t have time for activities outside their main work schedule. It is most likely that a disabled person will not have anyone to move you through the crowds and cross you on the main street. But, all those can be achieved using a rather automated wheelchair.


This is where a form of automation is required. Here, the electric wheelchair plays a key substitute role. A powered electric wheelchair saves the stress of having to push with the hands in order to achieve a perfect movement in a long aisle. With the aid of automation, it is easier to navigate the turns and the rigors of the cities with relative ease. The stress of steering is also drastically reduced as this can be done with the press of an analogue.

The electric wheelchair is a typical improvement and a perfect choice for those users who still want to enjoy the patterned and ever busy city live. Being disabled is not a total limitation. With the freedomchair wheelchair, you can be sure to get your full taste of the typical city live. It is easier to live in the city when you have what it takes.

So far, we can say that what we gain want to gain is independence. It's fundamental. At the end of the day, this is what all of us are looking for: to be able to move safely and quietly around our surroundings, around our city. This is why we provide a wide range of designs of the freedomchair wheelchair to suite different users. 


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