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How to Fold Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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There are several designs of the lightweight folding electric wheelchair. However, each of them have some unique properties one of which is the foldability. This means that they can actually be folded. This feature is very important for storage and when transporting the equipment to a distant location.

New users may find some difficulties while using the lightweight folding electric wheelchair. One of this could challenge could be encountered during folding of the equipment. However, this article is right for you as it will guide you through the steps in folding or unfolding the lightweight folding electric wheelchair. In addition, there are other aspects considered here while using this equipment.


Now, let’s get started!

Before folding the wheelchair, remove the seat cushion. It is attached to the wheelchair by Velcro and can be removed by simply lifting it up.

Releasing the folding safety lock

The folding safety lock is located at the center of the backside of the wheelchair

It needs to be locked if the wheelchair is occupied. The lock holds the wheelchair together and prevents it from folding. To fold the wheelchair, unlock the safety lock by simply pulling the black lever towards you and up in the direction of the red arrow. The silver clamp is now released. Now the wheelchair can be folded.

Warning: Do not occupy the wheelchair if the clamp is released!

After unlocking the folding safety lock, grab the wheelchair by the top of the backrest and at the center of the front frame of the seat and fold it in the direction of the arrows.

Leave the weight on the rear wheels. Please remove the seat cushion before folding as it will be in the way. Fold the wheelchair slowly and avoid over-stretching any wires. If necessary adjust wires to release tension. Remove joystick if you wish to reduce the size further.

To unfold the wheelchair, follow the folding steps in reverse order and secure the safety lock as below.

To lock the frame, first insert the silver latch of the clamp at the top bolt as shown in the picture above. Then push the black lever away from you until the safety clamp locks the frame. Once the clamp is locked, check if the frame is safely locked in place. Then the wheelchair can be occupied.


Disassembling the power wheelchair

To dismantle the power wheelchair:

1. Fold the bases of the footrest stirrups.

2. Remove the footrests.

3. Remove an armrest with the joystick.

4. Remove the other armrest.

5. Fold backrest.

6. Remove the seat frame from the lower frame.

7. Remove the first battery from the cover.

8. Move the second battery forward and remove it.

9. Place the armrest with the joystick on the lower frame.

10. Take the disassembled parts to the desired location.


Mounting the power wheelchair

For mounting the power wheelchair:

1. Remove the armrest with the joystick from the lower frame.

2. Insert the first battery into the cover and move it backwards

3. Insert the second battery into the cover

4. Place the seat frame on the lower frame

5. Fold out the backrest

6. Fit the armrests

7. Position the armrest with a joystick

8. Fit the footrests

9. Fold out the bases of the footrest stirrups.


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