How to Choose the Best Wheelchair for the Elderly?

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The electric wheelchairs are a technical aid that allows easy movement for those people with mobility issues. Powered by a battery-operated motor, the electric wheelchair is controlled by a joystick that allows you to determine the direction, speed and also in some cases the configuration of the seat and backrest.

electric wheelchairs

The electric wheelchair is basically recommended for those people who cannot propel themselves without external aid. However, when choosing a power wheelchair for elderly people, it is important to consider their comfort and the freedom of movement this equipment offers. Some of the most common causes for which a folding electric wheelchair is needed are high spinal injuries, neuromuscular and degenerative diseases that impede movement. Again, the elderly people lacking the strength to use a manual wheelchair or people with respiratory diseases or cardiac diseases are also in the group of those that need the aid of an electric wheelchair.

When making your choice, it is important to differentiate the electric wheelchair from the scooter. The main difference is that the first one needs only one hand to control the joystick, while the scooter needs both arms to carry the handlebar. Also, the chair is generally more compact and powerful.

The idea of choosing an electric wheelchair could a daunting experience especially when it is your first time doing that for an elderly in your home. Here are some important factors that will make it easier to make the best choice of this power wheelchair.

Factors to consider when choosing an electric wheelchair

There are different types of electric wheelchairs and to choose the one that best matches the needs and characteristics of the user it is necessary to take into account several factors:

Size and weight of the user and level of injury. It is essential to prioritize comfort, so it is vital that the user has a comfortable chair, appropriate to their body structure and degree of disability.

Exterior or interior use and autonomy. Depending on the environment where it will be used, the chair will have to be more robust, or it may be lighter and more compact. It is also important to assess the autonomy of the batteries if we need long periods of activity or on the contrary they can be recharged frequently.

Transportation. If we need to transport the chair in the car, we must choose a foldable model. With the latest models of ultralight electric chairs, folding and transport are much simpler.

Functionalities. From the simplest model, a wheelchair with an electric motor, to those that incorporate the standing function, that is, that incorporate and stand up to the user, the high-quality electric wheelchair have a wide range of models that provide each one of the different functions. It is important at the time of deciding on one of them, to assess the basic functionalities and those that, although not necessary, provide benefits of quality, comfort, and improvement to the user.

The elderly ones amongst us are predisposed to some musculoskeletal issues which leave them unable to carry out a few functions. In extreme cases, they find it difficult to walk with their limbs. In such condition, a mobility aid is quite important – an electric power wheelchair. But sometimes, it is even difficult to choose what is most appropriate for them. However, these factors given above will serve as a guide to anyone who sets out to get a power wheelchair. 


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