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How to Choose a Motorized Wheelchair

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Not long ago, seeing a motorized wheelchair on the street was rare. Also, they used to be big, heavy and difficult to use. Nowadays they are seen more often and are much more feasible.

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Electric or motorized wheelchairs are suitable for people who want to lead an independent life but for reasons of disability or age do not have the physical ability to push a manual wheelchair. Many older adults with reduced mobility have chosen to take one for a walk.

So far, the two compelling reasons for getting a motorized wheelchair is for effortless movement and safety. It means you won’t have to lose a bit of your freedom and you can go where you want.

To choose a motorized wheelchair adapted to your needs, you need to take into account a series of characteristics.

Body size and user’s level of injury

You need to consider the body measurements and level of injury of the person who will use the high-quality electric wheelchair. Also, the dimensions of the environment and the type of place where it will be used, if we need to fold the chair, speed, and maneuverability, type of command to control the chair, type of traction and autonomy of the batteries should also be considered.

Where you’re going to use the motorized wheelchair

One of the most important points is to know if it will be used more indoors or outdoors. The wheelchairs that are used for outdoor have more autonomy, are more robust and large, have larger wheels and a system of suspension and shock absorption. They are also faster.

The wheelchairs for indoor use should be narrower, lighter and more compact, with smaller wheels and without as much autonomy as outdoor ones. They are folding chairs and easy to transport and have a smaller turning radius to maneuver better.

Another important aspect is the wheel size. It is crucial and depends on the environment in which it is used. The large wheels offer greater grip and therefore are better for outdoors. electric wheelchair absorb irregularities and obstacles better.

Approximate weight of the user

How much does the user weigh the chair? The lightest chairs have a maximum weight capacity of around 100 kg. If we need a more resistant chair, the price of the chair can increase.

We always recommend that if a chair supports 100 kg, it is driven by a user of no more than 90 kg, as the chair may suffer when climbing a hill, for example. Engine speed and battery life are also affected by the user's weight. The weight of the person, as well as the care of the batteries, should also be taken into account. The higher the capacity of the batteries, the more extensive the autonomy.

Type of traction

The motorized chairs are of three types depending on their type of traction:

The central traction which is more intuitive and comfortable to drive and require less turning space but has less ability to overcome obstacles.

The rear traction has a good performance to overcome obstacles outdoors and maneuverable in the interior.

The front-wheel-drive offers a more complicated driving although they are easier to overcome obstacles outdoors.

Many medical problems can affect a person's mobility. Whether it's an accident, an impediment that limits your ability to walk long distances or the advanced age that affects your joints, a folding electric wheelchair gives you greater independence and freedom. However, it is important to consider some essential factors before making your choice. 


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