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How Often Should Your Electric Wheelchair Be Serviced?

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Taking care of your electric wheelchair is very important. Regular maintenance checks will make sure your mobility device lasts you a long time. You also don't want your electric wheelchair to break down, leaving you in distress, when it could have been prevented with scheduled care. So how often should your electric wheelchair be serviced? It is always a good idea to read the owner’s manual that came with your wheelchair. This will also cover warranty information.

A good rule of thumb is to have your mobility device completely serviced once a year. It is always best to contact your electric wheelchair provider to ask about appointment times and how they take place: Is it best to take your electric wheelchair into the shop? Or, will a service technician come to your home? Knowing your unique lifestyle and circumstances will determine which option is right for you.

To know if your electric wheelchair requires more frequent servicing, ask yourself these questions: How often do I use my electric wheelchair outdoors? What is the weather like where I live? When I do go outside, do I drive my electric wheelchair quite hard or more gently?


If you do drive your electric wheelchair in rain or snow, give it a good wipe down when you return home. This will prevent rusting of the bolts and screws.

Often hair and dust will collect around the front casters and rear tires. This will affect your electric wheelchair’s ability to roll smoothly. Check these areas weekly. If you have air tires (pneumatic), it is a good idea to assess tire pressure each time you head outdoors. If your tires do become worn or cracked, have them replaced.

Every month, check for loose nuts and to see if the brakes are working properly. Unsafe brakes can lead to a fall, which might cause injury.

The position of your cushion and backrest is important for comfort and posture. Worn out cushions will compress over time. When this happens, you are less comfortable, not well supported, and more likely to be sitting on a solid seat pan or seat sling. A seating technician or a therapist can help you decide if you need a new cushion.


If you have an air-filled cushion, does it have the right amount of air for your body structure and weight? Check cushions on a monthly basis to prevent discomfort, or worse, pressure sores. As a rule, the normal lifespan of foam seating (cushions and backs) is about 2 years. Remember, your electric wheelchair is like a pair of shoes. If you wore the same pair of shoes every day for 2 years they would soon compress and need to be replaced. Your electric wheelchair seating is similar. Once foam compresses too much you are no longer getting the full benefits of pressure relief and may be at risk for skin breakdown.

If you ever have any questions about how often your electric wheelchair should be serviced, call your electric wheelchair provider. They will also generally have records of when your electric wheelchair was last checked and a list of what work was done.

Take care of your electric wheelchair, and it will take care of you!


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