How much does an electric wheelchair cost?

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Mobility is something that is quite important to people. This is especially so for those who are disabled and are dependent on the help of others. In this case, the wheelchairs are really important.

Wheelchairs provide that mobility for people with an obstacle by accident, limb weakness or overweight. When it comes to the electric wheelchair, they are designed for easy operation. This means that manual operation is to at the barest minimum. Electric wheelchair manufacturers integrate the power wheelchair with automations to ease users who are not able to use the manual wheelchairs.


Here, we look at some models of wheelchairs that are on the market and their approximate price.

Electric wheelchairs and prices

When it comes to the electric wheelchair, the prices vary. This variation is dependent on a range of factors. One of such factors is the design of the wheelchair. When we talk about the design, we talk about all the functions, both the basic and other additional ones.

As already mentioned, the electric wheelchair is quite different from the manual that it has an automation. This is really basic. There is a range of products in the market which provides this basic function. However, there are also other additions to this threshold. These additions could be foldability which makes it easier to transport and store this equipment. Another addition is in the weight capacity of the machine which determines how much load the machine can withstand.

Electric wheelchair

The size of the machine is also important as it determines the size of the user that is best fit.

Other factors to mention are the automation levels and other auxiliary parts. Take for example the energy of the device. Here, the electric wheelchairs are equipped with a motor that transmits the energy to propel the chair. They are designed for people with reduced mobility who cannot use the strength of their arms or do not have help to push the chair.

They are designed with a control box to guide the device and also a manual and motor brake. The accessories included are in line with the user's needs. From horn, basket for objects to lights.

There are exterior or interior ones, being the first ones with greater autonomy and more resistant, prepared with a better damping and suspension system than the interior ones.

Another aspect to talk about is the wheels of the electric wheelchair which is quite important for comfort of the user. The wheels vary in size depending on the category. Some of the wheelchairs are designed with wheels that are larger than the indoor wheels, but with less light.

Electric wheelchair

All these factors that have been mentioned are really important in determining how much the electric wheelchair costs. 

With all these being said, we will give a glimpse to what you may be expecting when you enter the global market to search for the most suitable electric wheelchair for you. The price of the electric wheelchair ranges from € 1200 for a simple, folding model, to € 2500 for more sophisticated models, with ultra-light materials.

To know more about the prices of the individual electric wheelchair categories, check on our website.


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