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How Many Years Can An Electric Wheelchair Generally Be Used?

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Before buying a Freedom chair – a kind of China folding light electric wheelchair, people may have many confusions. Electric wheelchairs can be used for several years. Are there any restrictions on their useful life? The answer is of course. Freedom chair electric wheelchairs also have useful lives, and they must be carefully maintained during use to achieve the purpose of extending the useful life.


Ordinary cars have a useful life and a scrapped life. Do electric wheelchairs have a useful life or a scrapped life? At present, the state has no compulsory scrapping requirements for such products.

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Generally, the probability of failure of Freedom chair electric wheelchair products is relatively low in 2-3 years. The first place that electric wheelchairs that need to be replaced for more than 2-3 years is the battery. The electric wheelchairs that have been used for more than three years may also need to change tires. Some electric wheelchairs are equipped with electromagnetic brakes. an examination. Also, carbon brushes are consumables and need to be replaced if worn. Generally, the electric wheelchair circuit board for more than five years will be aging, the tires will be worn out, and some circuits may be aging, and the motor noise will increase, so in principle, the value of electric wheelchair repair for more than five years is not significant. During China medicare electric wheelchair manufacturers, Aoshida is an outstanding one.


In the process of using an electric wheelchair, the following precautions also need to be observed, so that the electric wheelchair can run safely and prolong its service life.


1. Please strictly abide by local traffic regulations. Multifunctional dual-use electric wheelchairs are non-motorized vehicles. Do not drive in motorized lanes and strictly observe the traffic signals on the sidewalk.

2. Electric wheelchairs are electric mobility and stair climbing tools for the elderly or people with disabilities. Please do not try to modify electric wheelchairs or use electric wheelchairs for other purposes.

3. If you are feeling dizzy, affecting your eyesight, or have any way to affect your thinking and coordination due to health reasons or taking medication, please do not use electric wheelchairs; do not use electric wheelchairs after drinking.

4. Please get on and off the bus after the electric wheelchair is stopped. It is strictly forbidden to get on or off while driving or the electric wheelchair is not yet stable. Do not turn off the power key when the electric wheelchair is not completely parked on a stable, level surface.

5. Please do not close the key suddenly during the operation of the electric wheelchair.

6. Do not turn suddenly during high speed driving. Be sure to reduce the speed while turning.

7. Overloading is strictly prohibited; overloading may cause personal injury.

8. Please turn off the power when not in use. This will not only extend battery life, but also prevent accidents.

9. Please do not connect any external equipment to the battery of the electric wheelchair. This may cause the connected equipment to malfunction, damage your electric wheelchair and even cause personal injury.


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