How Does An Electric Wheelchair Works?

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With a continuous awareness in the production of a comfortable system that supports the people with limited mobility in our society, the lightweight electric wheelchair becomes necessary for the easy mobility of people with infirmities.  


It is one of the devices that is commonly used in homes and hospitals. The device is designed with good safety performance and an electrical system. The movement of the device is majorly through the use of the electrical system.

 lightweight electric wheelchair

There are wide varieties of wheelchairs in the market due to the increase in electronic incorporation. It is essential to purchasing a quality one from a reliable and experienced manufacturer. This is where you have assurance on the quality of the product you purchase.

The Composition Of The Electric Wheelchair

Generally, the basic component of this machine consists of:

· The seat

· Wheels and tyres

· Armrests

· Pedals and brakes

· Control system

· Motor

· Battery

· Footrest

· Backrest

· Joystick

Working Principle

An electric wheelchair or power wheelchair has a chair that is built at the bottom of the power base. The power base comprises the drive wheel that is positioned either at the rear, middle, or front of the base.


There are also batteries, motors, brakes, caster wheels, wires, and anti-tip wheels in the power base. The plastic shroud has varieties of colors with different designs to choose from.


A seating system is attached to the power base. There are different seating systems. Generally, a contour seating system is used where there is no specific positioning. There is also a static system that provides adjustable width and depth where there is no special positioning. Some special positioning needs a special seating system to provide comfort.


The special seating system consists of power recline, power tilt, elevating leg rest, power recline and tilt, and adjustable seat height. It improves the quality of life and functionality of the person.


The joystick enables front as well as reverse driving. It also provides the left and right movement of the chair. Some power wheelchairs come with special electronic features that provide easy control, and movement.


The back cushion of the chair provides skin protection and adjustable positioning based on the needs of the user. Finally, there are some accessories such as a USB charger, mobile phone holder, and other components that support the easy operation of this device.

Benefits Of Using Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

1. Independence

It provides a sense of independence to you without relying on someone else for mobility.

lightweight electric wheelchair

2. Freedom

It provides freedom as it allows you to decide where to go and what to do at a time. With the power wheelchair, you can travel a longer distance compared to the manual one.

3. Comfort

Different features make it comfortable for users. Besides, the design is done in such a way that makes it user-friendly and easy to operate.

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