How Does An Electric Wheelchair Work?

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Powered wheelchairs are the advancement of the common traditional bath chair or hand-pushed wheelchair. They practically perform similarly to the manual wheelchair by giving movement to users in various kinds of terrains. Nevertheless, the electric wheelchairs are self-driven through the motor. The motor does the bulky work in the movement.


What makes the electric wheelchair different from a manual wheelchair is that there is a designed system platform under the seat. The platform assists the motor and the source where power is being generated(battery). There is a wired system that connects the power pack to the motor and all essential control panels.


The modern manufacturer of power wheelchairs such as the freedom electric wheelchair manufactured powered wheelchairs with the best equipment and technology and by the best brains.


However, most modern powered wheelchairs are somehow similar in structure and function. This has made them unique from every other type. Mostly, the recent types of powered wheelchair have four basic components which are: battery, motor, controller, and drive.


The heavy-duty and lightweight powered wheelchair

Freedom electric wheelchair produces various kinds of heavy-duty and lightweight electric wheelchair. A heavy-duty electric wheelchair makes use of a four-pole motor while a lightweight electric wheelchair makes use of a two-pole motor.


The four-pole motor in heavy-duty gives more power to carry higher weight and creates additional essential options.

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The heavy-duty type of electric wheelchair is becoming more famous because some of the users may have a higher weight.


When there is a need for an electric wheelchair user that has extra weight, it can require support to give stability. Some areas that may need support are wheels, frame, engine, battery, and suspension.


The major problem the heavy-duty powered wheelchair is associated with the motor. When they are not well designed, they can fail when there is extra weight.



The electric wheelchair makes use of batteries called sealed lead acid (SLA). These batteries can come in dry or wet form, and also possess 4 or 5 amperes output.


The recharging of the battery is done through the use of an electric outlet of a standard type, especially when the wheelchair is not in use. There are various types of wheelchairs, these are front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel or center-wheel.


The center-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive have more efficiency on terrain that is flat while a four-wheel or front-wheel drive type of electric wheelchair can be a good option for outdoors usage.

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Control of an electric wheelchair

Many powered wheelchairs are controlled through the handle or joystick. For people with limited mobility, different options of control may include the motion-sensitive tube, head-to-chin controller, or eye-to-computer display controller.


The interface of the computer is powered by a battery before the operation. Also, the computer gives a signer to the user when charging the battery is needed.


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