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Fundamental Factors That Determines Automatic Wheelchair Price

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A peep into the wheelchair market will leave you with a wide range and collections of wheelchairs in the market. 

Interestingly, most of these automatic wheelchairs are designed to control and convey the user all alone. And all a user needs to do is regulate and move these wheelchairs with the button control or regulator. 

automatic wheelchair

Amid these differences in technological input in automatic wheelchairs today, a fact still remains that the production quality is never the same. 

Yes, as you will rightly guess, some manufacturers use materials of high-quality in the manufacture of automatic wheelchairs, and this is a key factor that determines automatic wheelchair price. 

So, with regards to how slippery and tricky it may be to buy an automatic wheelchair that is worth your money, buying from reliable and renowned manufacture with the best automatic wheelchair price is the best way to have a one and final solution to all your automatic wheelchair needs.

Okay, now let’s quickly look at some key factors that determine automatic wheelchair price.

1. Battery Capacity

Sadly, a bad automatic wheelchair battery can limit your movement to a large extent. 

But for a good automatic wheelchair, they can go around normally for a distance of 14-16 miles.

For other premium-quality automatic wheelchair models, they can go around for a distance of 19-20 miles on a single lithium battery charge. 

2. One Size Fits All Effortlessly Transport and Folding

Your weight isn't an issue because most automatic wheelchairs are intended to carry people of various sizes, and they are specially designed to accommodate even plus-size individuals

One thing that is impossible to miss about the features of automatic wheelchairs is that they are flexible and simple to convey here and there. 

In a bid to make the user feel a little independent, these wheelchairs are designed for easy folding and unfolding effectively by the individual utilizing the chair even without the help of a guardian. 

3. High Speed and Control Design 

Automatic wheelchairs are built with large power motors that can move even at top speed. They also have a high capacity to climb steep slopes and surfaces easily. 

More so, automatic wheelchairs are equipped with compact batteries that can cover about 17miles when completely charged. In fact, their high performance and speed ensure that the driver will have the option to make it to their goal quickly. 

4. High-end Technology

The engine in the electric wheelchair is normally controlled by a button, joystick, or hand controller, and these buttons help a user adjust an automatic wheelchair to their convenience. 

Each of these controllers can either be used to tilt the wheelchair, especially for raising or lowering the leg rest or seat. 

With all these technological inputs added to the automatic wheelchair by the manufacturers, you can tell that they also affect automatic wheelchair prices.

5. FDA Approval and product testing

Manufacturers spend a lot on getting their products tested and approved, and this involves different testing procedures.

Once the test and approval are completed, the test outcomes and plan documentation are then submitted to the FDA for review. 

All these processes incur a lot of charges, and they must be completed before a wheelchair can get FDA endorsement. 


Automatic wheelchairs are built with sophisticated technology, a long battery life, and in such a way that they can accommodate every user irrespective of their weight and size. 

When choosing an automatic wheelchair, you should bear in mind that the best are those purchased from a reputable and renowned manufacturer.

So, you should base your choice on your ability to spot a trusted and quality manufacturer with an exceptional record of excellence and the best automatic wheelchair price.


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